Thursday 18 July 2024

10 Pampered Instapic Opportunities Fashion Bloggers Can Post At The Salon

When people think of a fashion blogger the first thing that comes to mind are the clothes. However, in fashion there are way more elements than just the articles of clothing themselves. Most people wouldn’t really say they love fashion because of the pieces of fabric, but rather the transformative power that the clothing has on your personality, the way you carry yourself, and as a form of self expression.

However, from an art directing standpoint there is more than just the styling of clothes. Hair and make-up are extensions of self-expression and can make or break a look. Trips to the salon are often overlooked as an important part for a style brand. Showing your followers your trips to the salon can not only add to the relativity that you didn’t wake up with a balyage and perfectly shaped eyebrows. There are plenty of opportunities to take great Insta content when you go to the salon.

Hand Lettering Calligraphy

Not only are chalkboards with stunning calligraphy elegant and old fashioned, they’re also a great way salons use to advertise the latest deals. Whether it’s mounted on a wall or placed outside, a picture with some amazing typography can make it seem like you are going to a place with charm. If the salon takes the time to write stunning chalk calligraphy, think of the care they take when they are pampering you.

Comfy Robes and Slippers

Nothing says sophisticated better than a well-organize salon. If your salon has spa services you may have robes that you’ll change into for your spa day. Consider a quick Insta story in your dressing room with a robe, your hair up ready for a facial,  where your followers can see  the mood with low lighting and fresh florals. Believe it or not, even men like a little ambiance too. Many places give you champagne or tea as you wait for a massage or treatment. The subtle lighting paired with the comfortable robe is something people will want to wish they were doing instead of work.

Mid Action Shot

Are you getting a drastic haircut? Part of the salon experience are the all purpose salon chairs that we all associate with a new look. Consider taking a before and after picture in the chair. You can have compare the color difference, the length difference of your cut or do an Instagram live story time while you are getting your hair colored. This would be a great Ask Me Anything segment where you can have followers guess what your new haircut will be. You can finish it off with a reveal picture.



Take a picture with the goodies that many salons offer.  This could be a variety of beverages that appeal the masses like gourmet coffee, tea, Kombucha and sparking water. You may even have a high-quality coffee machine that allows you to prepare the perfect espresso on the spot.
Some places give you chocolate dipped strawberries which can make some great fun pictures.

In addition, you may also want to look for a grab and go snack station where customers can nibble while they’re being pampered.

Funny Facial

If you are getting a facial you have to share what you look like midway through it. Whether it’s a vampire facial and you snap a pic of your bloody face or it’s 24 karat gold you can rest assured that it’s pic worthy. If you go with a friend it can be very fun to snap a picture together with your hair pulled back and organic herbal mud mixtures working their magic on your face. If you get a mud bath make sure to snap a picture and make your best Fiona impression.

Tin Head

If you are doing all over color you know that you’ll spend a lot of your day on the salon chair. A way to pass the time and interact with your audience is to take a picture while your hair is getting lightened with foils and all. Make an Instagram poll and have pictures guess what color/treatment you are doing to your hair.

This can also work when you can’t decide between two colors. Have the poll decide which color you want to put in. Take them along with you at the salon. Have the poll winner color dyed and you can forever say that you’ll do anything for your followers.

Make Them Laugh

If you are friends with another fashion blogger you can consider going to get waxing done at the same time. Waxing is both relatable and hilarious when you’re not the one going through the pain. Go on Insta Live together and play a variation of truth or dare. Ask each other questions and if you choose not to answer you get a wax strip. You can also play the best friends variation of the newlywed game. If you answer incorrectly you get a strip of wax. This is fun content and you get bikini ready.


Many salons have modern murals, wallpaper or interior design that is meant to catch your eye. These can often become amazing backdrops that are picture ready. Make sure that you take the picture after your makeover for a full glam effect. These backdrops get people asking where you’re at and can become a great conversation starter. Make sure you tag your salon so other patrons can start to follow your fashion blog.

There are so many different types of photoshoots you can do for your Insta following as a fashion blogger. Don’t just post pics of new outfits, but make sure your followers also follow your beauty regimen and hair routine. These are just some ways you can change things up in your feed and interact with your audience.