10 Smarter Ways to Clean Your Home Using Non-toxic Cleaning Products

A lot of families are becoming more conscious of the harmful effects that toxic cleaning products have in people.

If you’re one of the many families who are interested in finding alternatives to the common house cleaning products, then you might want to create homemade cleaning products.

These can be made from ingredients available in your home, which makes it convenient and more affordable. Aside from that, they aren’t bad for your health.

On that note, if you’re looking for smarter ways to clean your home using non-toxic cleaning products then this article can help you out.

1. Toilets

The toilets are one of the most important parts of the home that you should make sure to clean properly.

You want to be able to thoroughly clean your toilet while at the same time not using any toxic cleaning materials. For that purpose, you can use a combination of half a cup of baking soda and then ten drops or so of tea tree oil.

As the mixture deodorizes and cleans your toilet, you can add ¼ cup of vinegar and scrub your toilet bowl.

For your daily dose of toilet cleaning, simply mix a cup of vinegar and several drops of your chosen essential oil and spray on your toilet seat. Let it rest for a couple of minutes before wiping it dry.

2. Floors

To disinfect and clean your tile floors, you can use a 1:2 mixture of white vinegar and warm water. Use a large bucket of this mixture with a mop and scrub down the floors with your solution.

With this mixture, you don’t have to wash it off once you apply it.

Do note, however, that this mixture is not for use on any wooden floors. The acidity of the white vinegar has a high possibility of damaging the floors instead of just cleaning them.

3. Furniture Polish

Going the alternative route for your cleaning products means that you get to save a lot more money. That’s because these cleaning solutions end up being useful as an all-around cleaner.

The same applies to this homemade all-purpose furniture polish.

Simply create a mixture made out of ¾ cup of olive oil combined with ¼ cup of vinegar. Use a rag to wipe the solution over your furniture.

For your wooden furniture, you can mix a half-cup of olive oil and ¼ cup of lemon juice. Again, use a rag to apply the solution on your furniture.

4. Coffee and Tea Stains

Removing coffee and tea stains that have set in your cup or mug is not an easy task. However, you might be able to successfully remove it by wiping it using a sponge dabbed in vinegar.

To thoroughly clean out your kettle or your coffee maker, you should use about two cups of water and then add ¼ cup of vinegar in it before bringing it to a boil.

Once it’s cooled down, you can pour out the mixture and wipe the container. Rinse it thoroughly with water too.

5. Walls

At Planet Maids Cleaning Services NYC we always make it a point that the walls are thoroughly clean. That’s because a clean wall can make a lot of difference in the aesthetics of your house.

To clean your walls, simply mix four cups of warm water and then ¼ cup of white vinegar and then start scrubbing with a soaked rag.

To remove black marks on your wall, add a small amount of baking soda and scrub away.

6. Windows and Mirrors

A cleaning solution that you can use both on your mirrors and windows is made from a 1:4 ratio of white vinegar to the water. You can add lemon juice to this solution if you want to but it’s not required.

With this cleaning solution, you can spray it on any rag and use it to clean your dirty mirrors and windows with ease.

7. Pipes and Drains

You can also clean out your pipes and drains with non-toxic cleaning products.

If you aren’t looking for heavy-duty cleaning, then half a cup of salt in a gallon of water that is hot but not boiling should do the trick. Pour it down the drain and you should be good.

However, if you want a tougher solution, then you should pour half a cup of baking soda into the drain. Then, follow it up with ½ cup of vinegar. Wait until 15 minutes before you start pouring in boiling water.

This is so that you can wash away the materials that clogged the drain and other excess material. Keep in mind that your pipes and drains should be clean if you want to make an effective hydroponics solution at home. However, this solution will not work for plastic pipes.

8. Refrigerator

A mixture of water and vinegar goes a long way. In fact, it can help you clean the inside of your refrigerator.

You can also use it to clean the outside of your refrigerator so long as it is not made of stainless steel.

9. Pet Litter

Instead of cleaning pet litter away with chemicals which isn’t good for you and your furry friend, simply invest in a good vacuum and vacuum as often as you can.

10. Cellulose Sponges

When making the shift towards a more earth-friendly home cleaning, why not try using cellulose sponges instead?

These are biodegradable. Plus, they have faster absorbing abilities.

Becoming smarter with how you treat your home will not only make your home safer for you but also safer for the environment. Although changing your cleaning habits may feel like a small step, it’s still significant enough to warrant doing so keep at it!

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