Monday 10 May 2021

10 Things To Keep In Mind While Buying A Hat Or A Cap

Summers are already here, and the sun is all set to burn our head with its full stroke. There is no vivid solution to fight the heat apart from sitting in front of an AC. But unfortunately life doesn’t work like that; we also can’t stay inside the four walls, because somebody has to earn to pay the AC bill, Right?

Hats were the best summer invention after sunscreen. Hats can be considered as life saver for all the young college students, who have no choice, but to go out and attend classes or bunk lectures with their friends. And to fashion industry which has put so much innovation in this accessory. Almost every brand is investing in them today. You can buy Reebok Caps Online from any e-commerce website in the country. The best part about this hair accessory is that they are unisex, so basically you can gift this with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

10 Things To Keep In Mind While Buying A Hat Or A Cap

Keeping the trend and popularity of caps and hats we have few tips to help you buy the best hat or cap for yourself.

  1. Fabric: Always ensure to buy the right fabric while selecting a hat for a particular season. Currently summers are going on, so we recommend you to choose the cotton based caps and hats. Avoid Polyester and woolen caps for summers as they will only make you sweat more. You can also try net and Lenin fabric as they are also very popular these days. Reebok offers some colorful varieties in its net caps.
  1. Always Buy an adjustable Cap: Always buy a cap with an adjustable band especially if you are buying it online, as it will perfectly fit on your head. It is also useful as anyone in your family will be able to use it without any problem.
  1. Choose the Cap or Hat based on your Complexion: Avoid buying neon or bright colored caps if you have a dark complexion, as it will only make you appear darker. You can try colors like military green, brown, and black or dark floral prints as they look better on duskier skin tones. Fair skin people should preferably wear bright color caps, considering that dark shades attract more heat; however they can wear any light color.
  1. Pair Them Properly: Whether you are wearing a hat or a cap, ensure that you can pair the whole outfit properly with them. Ensure that you don’t wear a bright colored hat with a sober outfit; else you might end up looking like a rookie. Just ensure you don’t buy styles or colors that you are not able to pair with any of your outfit. You can match colors or styles of your clothes before buying these hats to prevent future problems.
  1. Know Your Style: Rather than going with the trend, or your favorite celebrity, choose a cap that looks good on your face. If you are a painter, then you should wear a Newsboy cap rather than a base ball cap. Just buy a cap that resonates with your style and looks good on you.
  1. Avoid Classic Hats: We all adore Charlie Chaplin and his style but copying his style can be another level fandom. Avoid going classical, we live in 21st century and our fashion is definitely better than theirs so stick to your own and follow the modern day trends.
  1. Lady Gaga Hats: Yes! She is the queen of music industry, but fashion not so much. So do yourself a favor and steer clear from her style, else you might end up looking like a hat yourself. As most of her hats is usually half her size. However, if you do feel like experimenting and have the confidence to pull one of her looks and you go Girl. We are here to cheer for you but remember we warned you.
  1. Avoid Purchasing Too Many Hats Together: We all are tempted to buy all the different shades of the Hats, but that can end up in a lot of wastage so ensure that you don’t buy more than 1 hat of a similar design at a time. First make sure whether you like it enough to buy more like and then make this investment.
  1. Avoid copying style: Just because it looked good on Brad Pitt doesn’t mean it will look good on you. How many times we have seen people trying cowboy hats and, how rare it is that they end up looking good. Avoid putting your money in anything unique without trying it on first. Avoid copying unique style of your favorite celebrity or ramp walk styles as not everything they offer is wearable and fashionable.
  1. Know Your Price: You can get most of these branded caps and hats at relatively cheaper prices at your local market as compared to online stores. So ensure to compare the price before making the ultimate choice else you might regret spending 500 to 1000 bucks extra on the same cap.


These are some of the tips to help you in your cap or hat shopping. These unisex hair accessories are trendy fashionable and protect your face against the sun at the same time. Everyone from Zac Efron to Rihanna wear these caps from time to time, sometimes supporting their favorite teams and sometimes just covering their faces from the sun or paparazzi. So, use these tips in your next hat shopping trip and let us know whether our tips helped you in making the perfect choice.


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