10 Things You Should Know Before Hiring An Eminent Domain Lawyer

Condemnation in real estate is not an uncommon problem and many property owners worry about this law. Most of the time people find it very hard to save their property because of eminent domain. But if you choose an eminent domain lawyer wisely, then your chances of winning the case are always higher. To help you choose the right attorney, we’ve put together a list of the 10 things you should know before hiring an eminent domain lawyer.

1) Experience is always important for the selection of any professional and the same goes for an eminent dominant lawyer as well. You should make sure the representing attorney and the firm have good experience in the field of eminent domain.

2) Ask about the number of cases they took to trial. Most eminent domain cases never see the court hearing due to outside settlement. But if an attorney has gone to court multiple times and won their cases then it is a good sign, and you should choose that lawyer.

3) Not all the eminent domain cases are the same. Before hiring a lawyer to deal with condemnation in real estate, it is essential to check the previous cases and property type. It is a wise move to choose a lawyer who handled cases for your specific property type.

4)The time and dedication allocated towards each case is also important, and one should check this factor during the attorney selection process. This particular area has many loopholes in the law. A lawyer who gives all of his time to such cases can easily find those loopholes, and he can use it in your favor.

5)All condemnation cases are unique in their way, but there are always some similarities as well. Ask if the lawyer has handled any case similar to yours in the past. If yes, then it would increase the attorney’s relevant experience, and will be more advantageous to you.

6) Ask for the lawyer’s client base. You don’t have to ask about the exact details of their client, but you can enquire about whether the lawyer takes their cases from both the government and private property owner. If this is the case, experts recommend you find a new lawyer.

7)Enquire about references from the attorney to obtain reviews. They may or may not share their client’s details with you due to their work ethics. So, you can also request them to connect with their customers in other ways.

8)Get opinions from appraisers. You can easily find many appraisers in your area that work in close collaboration with an eminent domain lawyer. They may give better information to you about an attorney so consider their suggestions as well.

9)Enquire about all the available experts that take the cases for condemnation in real estate. With this list, you will have better chances of finding the best lawyer for your needs. It will also give you various options, and if an attorney is not available then you can go to the next best choice.

10)Any attorney will not fight the case for you without any fees or compensation. So, before you sign the contract with an eminent domain lawyer, enquire about the fee, its payment method, and all the related details.

Most of what we listed might be common and known to some of us, but not all of us always think of these things while choosing an eminent domain lawyer. If you ever get into such a situation, make sure you follow these guidelines in order for you to achieve the best outcome.

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