Wednesday 08 September 2021

10 Tips For Complying With Immigration Law When Hiring Staff

You need to work alongside Lawson Legal Migration Law when it comes to bringing people, who come to your workplace or company from other countries for work. You must make sure that you comply with the legal standards that come with hiring immigrants. You should ensure that you are following these ten tips when it comes to hiring people. Always stick with the necessary immigration laws that prevalent throughout your country.

10 Tips For Complying With Immigration Law When Hiring Staff

1. Make sure you look for native citizens. Native citizens can ensure that you won’t have to worry about whether or not a person is legal.

2. Non-American citizens can be hired if they are authorized aliens. An authorized alien is a non-native person who has a proper green card or other identifying document stating that one is an official and legal resident of the country.

3. Don’t ask about permanent residence or citizenship status when interviewing people. This may be seen as being discriminatory. Immigration agents Perth can help you ensure that you understand the ethics of interviewing people.

4. Always be open-ended when you are interviewing your potential employees. You might find out this way if someone is a legal resident or not.

5. Watch for all I-9 deadlines. The I-9 form is used to show that a person is legally allowed to work within the country and it must be submitted within the first three days of one’s employment. You can also ask for this form on the day you are hiring someone.

6. Look between both work authorization and identity documents. You must take a careful look at passports, driver’s licenses and other items that focus on both authorization and identification points. You can use an I-9 forms to determine what can be used as proof of authority or identity.

7. Use the E-Verify system to confirm person’s employment eligibility. This can be used online to find information on anyone as person is accurate in all manners possible or not.

8. Be aware that you will be inspected by government agencies, even if you have used E-Verify or other forms to confirm that people are eligible to work for you. Agencies will review your procedures to ensure that you are complying with the laws in your area as needed.

9. Always tell possible employees that you are using E-Verify and you are aware of how a person’s employment is being set up. This is to ensure a sense of transparency within your workplace.

10. Watch for what you need to do when retaining your employees. You will have to retain I-9 documents for at least three years after the employee is hired and for at least a year after your employee leaves.

Now all people should be aware of how well Lawson Legal Migration Law can help when it comes to ensuring that you are hiring legal people in your business. Be aware of what you are doing and contact proper migration agent perth for help as needed.