10 Ways To Refresh Your Fireplace On A Budget

When it comes to refreshing fireplaces are very often at the bottom of the list. This is a wrong approach on so many levels and many homeowners are completely unaware of what the difference a refreshed fireplace makes to any living room. What is more, these refreshments do not need to be neither extravagant nor expensive in order to make a strong impact. To prove this, here are 10 ways of refreshing your fireplace on a budget.  

Giving the Tiles a New Face

This is a great refreshment trick for all on the budget DIY practitioners. A simple covering of the tiles around the fireplace with an adhesive paper will make a world of difference. The choice of patterns and colors is so vast that anyone will be able to find a perfect combination for their living room.

Whitewash the Bricks

By whitewashing the bricks of the fireplace you breathe new life in it, enlighten the atmosphere and make it more welcoming. All you need is white paint, a brush, a rag and a sanding paper. Paint the bricks and wipe the paint down with a rag. After it dries use the sandpaper to bring the original color out to a desired extent and achieve a unique effect.

Repaint the Fireplace

This is probably the easiest way to make your fireplace shine again. Staying within the existing color scheme is perfectly fine, but taking the opportunity and making some interesting contrasts is also a great way of making a difference. If you are in doubt, the Color wheel will help you make the best choice.

Repaint the Surroundings of the Fireplace

Naturally, the smoke coming out of the fireplace leaves an impact on its immediate surroundings. By repainting it a significant change will be immediately visible. Also, this is a great opportunity to play with contrasts between the color of the fireplace and the surroundings and achieve additional dynamics.

Art Saves the Day

Sometimes it is enough just to change the setting and everything falls into place. Surround the fireplace with artistic items and make it a part of your exhibition wall. When it comes to artwork choice, the only criterion is that they need to follow the same color and theme pattern to make a full impact.

Set the Scene

There is no rule that says that the interior of the fireplace has to be simple and monochromatic. Paint, or have someone paint an interesting scene, say a seaside or a snowy mountain top on the interior surface of your fireplace. That way it will be the center of attention even when there is no fire burning in it.

Fiesta Time

Bright colors are often what it takes to bring your fireplace to life again. One effective way of doing this is to paint the interior white and replace your single color tiles surrounding it with vibrant colored ones that carry the spirit of Latin America. The result will be a hot inside out atmosphere.

Improve Dynamics of your Gas Fireplace

If you happen to have a natural gas fueled, fireplace balls are a good idea to improve dynamics and making a drastic change in the appearance. They come in various sizes and you can create a relief of your preference and change the setting whenever you feel it fit.

Add Dimension

Very often a change of perspective is what it takes to make complete refreshment. Add new perspective by applying three dimensional panels to the wall the fireplace is built in. Choose those of neutral color since they emphasize the depth more than vibrant colored ones.

Add Eclectic Spirit

Using different materials to enrich the fireplace giving it eclectic feel is another effective way of refreshing it. Add metal saloon style gate and complement the surrounding tiles with ornamented wood panels to combine modern and traditional styles. This will surely put the fireplace back in focus.

As you can see, it does not take a fortune to refresh your old fireplace. Often it only takes an idea, a little effort and a minimal budget.

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