Tuesday 18 May 2021

12 Common Fears Of College Students!

12 Common Fears Of College Students!

It’s not all that glitters on the first day of the college. Apologies for being straight-forward about it, but it’s a bitter truth. That one day every high-school individual dream of is college, a place where one prepares for all her school life to get into.

If you were famous at your school, you will not get to feel ‘famous’ in college unless you have earned it. No matter how confident you are about going to college but, being nervous about it the normal thing to feel.

There are fears of college students. Not just ragging but fears about being smart enough, liking roommates, making friends, party scene, covering costs, being safe, etc.

12 Common Fears Of College Students!

There are certain common student fears which every college student faces during the freshmen year. If you are going to college soon, this article will help you to overcome these fears in advance or if you are freshmen and suffering from these symptoms, then you might want to consult your student counselor.

  1. The Drastic Change From Bedroom To Dorm Room

Most of the freshmen lived with their families but it changes the moment they leave their house for college. It is a huge and unfamiliar experience for someone who has lived all his or her life with family and siblings. It’s okay to feel this way this way, try to indulge in physical activities, it helps you feel better and reduce stress.

  1. Fear Of Alienation

Some individuals who come from other countries would most likely face this situation. They are bullied, they are given an impression that they cannot make friends. To avoid this fear, you can look for the group of people with similar interests and you can join them.

  1. Fear Of Crimes

Unfortunately, crimes do happen and it is something every student should be afraid of. But to keep yourself safe from any crime, make sure you keep the room locked, add campus security’s number in your cell phone and don’t drink something that you have left unattended for a while.

  1. How To Make Both Ends Meet?

When you are living with your parents, there are a lot of things you don’t worry about but, living alone in the dorm and running out of money is another worst nightmare of students.  Keep track of your expenses and prepare yourself beforehand. Plan your budget for the better spending.

  1. Fear Of Public Speaking

Public speaking is one of those things student’s got to do in front of a big audience. If you were a good speaker in high school, you might go through this but if you were scared and still are you might want to prepare yourself through useful articles and videos that can teach you how to do public speaking.

  1. What If I Get Expelled?

Freshmen fear that they will get expelled because they don’t consider themselves smart enough. This is on you, if you got admission into the college, you can do well in studies as well. Plan your studies, keep yourself away from the habits that are affecting your studies and you will do just fine in your exams.

  1. Fear Of Having A Weird Roommate

Well, this is indeed a fear because you never know who you will share your room with. And thanks to all those Hollywood flicks, students are now more cautious and concerned about who they are. Either you will become best friends with your roommate or you will end up going to RA with an application for change of your housing. Observe the situation first and then see how few days go and finally decide how you would take this further.

  1. Peer Pressure

Since the first day of school, students are under peer pressure. But the peer pressure in college is way too different than that. It’s like there is no escape. You got to do something to keep it rolling. Alcohol and sex are two main things which you are forced to get used to. But it depends on how you deal with the situation. Hooking up with someone or getting drunk is totally your choice. Don’t let peer pressure ruin the good in you. Stick your morals and basics.

  1. What Will I Do After College?

Freshmen fear about their future a lot. While you start your journey in college, pick your classes, give yourself some time and explore your interests. Choose your major accordingly and you will open to new ideas and career choices.

  1. How To Handle The Stress?

Well from the day one, the stress timer starts. No matter how calm a student keeps him or herself, it keeps on coming back in different types. So, it depends on a student how to manage the stress. Meditation and focus might help to reduce some of the stress for sure.

  1. Fear Of Being Disconnected From Religion And Community

This is one of the fear students shouldn’t be afraid of. It totally depends on a student that how they keep their religious life integrated with their college life.

  1. How Would I Deal With The Professors?

Freshmen students fear that how they would deal with the professors. Students are at times intimidated by their professors. There are ways to deal with this situation and not to get afraid of. Professors are generally nice and approachable hence, there are many ways to get to know them before you ask them for help.

There are many other fears that students deal with in their first year of college and by the end of their college life, it all become bitter-sweet memories. Hence, before getting into the college you need to evaluate the possibilities of good and the bad. Don’t freak out too much that you end up in a mess. And when you are in college you can always go talk to the student counselor regarding your fears and issues.

Sarah Danny is working as a Student counselor for Law Coursework Writers company. She is extremely passionate about her work and is an important part of many student forums for coursework for the university.

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