12 Facts About Paper Writing That Will Impress Your Friend

As a student, you’ve surely heard about essay writing and assignment help services, and maybe you have even used some once in a while. But how much do you really know about them? Here are a few facts about paper writing companies that you’ll surely find interesting and might even want to share with your friends.

  1. Assignment help companies are more popular than ever. Over the past few years, such services have seen an increase in demand of 250%. Interestingly enough, however, a Boston Globe report shows that the number of students who admit to bending the rules to get higher grades has stayed pretty much the same since the 1960’s.
  2. Using paper writing services is completely legal. While educational institutions do set clear rules against such practices, they are by no means illegal. People outsource everything, from finance management to housekeeping and dog walking, and using assignment help companies is considered outsourcing.
  3. There are even specialized review sites that focus solely on analysing assignment help companies. Therefore, just check out websites such as PaperTrolling next time you need a helping hand or your friend asks you “how can I find someone to write my paper online?” – you’ll easily find the most reliable services.
  4. Those who turn to such services are usually not the lazy students, but the ones who either are overwhelmed by the amount of work they have or who don’t speak English as a first language.
  5. The most sought-after assignment help services are research papers, MA thesis and essays.
  6. The most common subjects students hire paper writing services for are English, Art, Sociology, Business, Healthcare and Management.
  7. Do you know how much people pay for such services? On average, essays cost around $30, while dissertations can reach even $5000.
  8. Even students from top-tier universities use paper writing companies –  and often times, they are the most loyal customers, as competition is fierce in such institutions and the workload is absolutely overwhelming. Professional paper writers state they often get orders from famous universities such as Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford or Berkley.
  9. Often times, assignment help services are hired just for revision and editing services. Many students write their own papers but are not confident enough in their skills, and therefore they turn to professionals to have a look at their work and refine it before turning it in.
  10. Most of the reputable essay services hire only professional writers who have a higher education diploma, to ensure they have the skills and expertise needed to provide flawless work.
  11. Since plagiarised content is strictly forbidden in all education institutions, assignment help services use the specialized detection engines to check their work and ensure there will be no plagiarism issue – the very same software professors run students’ papers through.
  12. Paper writing services can help you develop your own skills. By reading the work provided by professionals and analysing their technique, you can learn a lot about how to handle similar assignments on your own. Furthermore, many such services are always happy to give students tips and advice to improve their abilities.
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