3 Adventures You Must Try On Your Himachal Trip

The beautiful roads of Himachal Pradesh amidst the cool air and the snowy mountain tops are not the only things to look forward to, while you are on a trip across this magnificent state. We cannot agree with people who argue that they often go with a Himachal Tour Package looking for a calm, peaceful, serene environment that plagues the souls of the wanderers with momentary peace. If you are one of these people, stay away! Here, we are catering the needs of radical extremists who wish to take their adrenaline levels to the next level! In fact, you need to be one of those over-enthusiastic people who look straight into the eyes of death and smile to be eligible to read this article!

Here, we are talking about adventures that will leave your heart quenching with the thirst for more fun, thrill as well as adrenaline rush! We shall discover the most popular heart-thumping activities one can find in Himachal Pradesh.

Nature walks are the most common ways to explore the beauty of any hill station. The charm of nature walk amplifies further when the destination is Himachal and you have your family to accompany you. There are many natural trails both explored and unexplored in the towns and villages of Himachal Pradesh that are ideal for family hikings. Also, Himachal isn’t short of small treks that take one or two days to accomplish, so if you have a family that is into adventure then there cannot be anything better than heading out on a trekking expedition with your family. Beas Kund, Chandrakhani and Chandratal are some of the easy treks in Himachal Pradesh.


The number one activity on our list of adventure sports in Himachal Pradesh is undoubtedly skiing. It combines the best elements of both the worlds together. The beautiful snow-covered mountain tops that serve as a statue of serenity for some people are nothing but more reason for you to plunge into an adrenaline-rushing adventure. Some of the most popular peaks for skiing include Gulmarg, Sonmarg, Shimla, etc.


Trekking and rock-climbing are the elixir that needs a brave heart as a vessel to transport it from one realm to another. You will find several shops around Himachal Pradesh that equip you with all the necessary gear to carry out a trekking expedition to discover unchartered territories of the majestic Himalayan range safely. You can also get in touch with trekking instructors who will guide you through the roughest terrain amongst the mountains with ease. If you are lucky, you might even spot a snow deer or leopard amidst the beautiful white snow.

White-Water Rafting

If you are love water and adventures equally, there is no better way to express your love than to go for a white-water rafting experience in the hills. Enjoy the cool water splash across your face while you engage into a frenzy of an adventure of a lifetime with the best Himalayan Tour Packages.

You need to make sure that you look for Himachal Tour Packages that involve at least one or more activities at the world-famous mountain peaks in the state.

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