Wednesday 08 March 2023

3 Behind-The-Scenes Tech Industries You Should Know About

Technology has changed many facets of our personal and professional lives, and it continues to evolve at a rapid pace. If you are looking for a progressive career option that has considerable long-term viability, you understandably may be focused on tech jobs. While there are obvious tech positions, such as IT phone support, there are also many other aspects of the tech industry that you may not be familiar with. Before you decide how to proceed with your career, spend time exploring some of these lesser-known tech niches that may continue to be dominant in the years to come.

Video Game Subscription Services

The video gaming industry is huge, and there is an increasing prevalence of subscription games. Video game companies design and market their games, and they often outsource the subscription service and payment collection to third parties. Some will use in-game payment software. A variation of this is payment for gaming apps and other subscription-based mobile apps. These subscriptions and in-game payments are expected to continue, and this niche industry may grow considerably in the years ahead.

Online Marketing Analysis

Technology has dramatically improved how businesses in a wide range of industry market their goods and services to consumers. Online marketing, such as through social media marketing, pay-per-click ads and more, is increasingly common. It is also cost-effective and more direct than many other marketing avenues. An important benefit of online marketing is the ability to gather a significant volume of data and to analyze that data for improved marketing efforts going forward. If you are looking for a tech-oriented analysis career, this may be an avenue to explore.

Geo-Mapping Services

When most people think about geo-mapping, they think about pulling up a map on their smartphone or auto navigation device to get to a specific destination. While this is a common application of geo-mapping, there are many other uses. For example, this technology may be used for targeted marketing purposes or to track the movement of supplies, equipment or staff in a large work environment.

You can see that technology has reached many areas that you may not be aware of or that you may have overlooked. Before you decide which technology career path to pursue, take time to learn more about the innovative uses of technology today and about how new innovations may change the landscape going forward. You may also need to monitor tech advances going forward so that you can keep your skills relevant throughout your career.