Tuesday 05 December 2023

3 Effective Methods of Commercial Carpet Cleaning And Maintenance

Carpet add values to your home in several ways, ranging bringing out your self-worth, improving occupant health by absorbing particles like dust and dirts. You can go for the type that blends into your home arrangement or budget in case you have a strict budget which you don’t want to cross. You need to keep your carpet clean so it can retain its beauty and last long. That being the case, you have to consider commercial or professional carpet cleaning which which uses advanced techniques to remove dirt, dust, buildups and lumps from your carpet. Opting for professional cleaning not just helps your carpet retains it worth, but it is also great for keeping your building interior cool, green and healthy.

You might be considering doing the cleaning by yourself. But that is not good idea at for the fact traditional vacuuming and scrubbing will only remove particles on the rug surface. Experts who perform commercial cleaning use intensive methods that remove every speck of dust and dirt from your carpet. Spillage and buildups of particles over a long period time results in toughness, hence, intensive maintenance is required. If the carpet is not properly cleaned some particles will be left in the base, breeding bacteria and fungi that. That said, improper carpet maintenance not only damages the carpet, but it is also a threat to occupant health and wellness. All that said, going commercial maintenance which uses the following cleaning methods is imperative.

Steam cleaning

Also known as wet cleaning, steam is the most effective method to get rid of lumps, dust dirts, buildups and spillage off your carpet. It removes every bit of dirts and dusts on a rug, leaving hundred percent and bacteria and fungi free. During steaming cleaning, hot water which has been heated under high pressure is mixed with absorbent cleaning solutions and used on the carpet surface. The the mixed liquid penetrates deep into the carpet to kill bacteria and fungi. It also weakens particle buildups in the carpet. After the water is poured on the carpet surface, it is left for a couple of minutes so that the carpet can absorb it well. Subsequently, thorough vacuuming is done to remove the dirty water from the carpet surface. Steaming is usually recommended by green building experts because it is considered eco-friendly.

Chemical cleaning techniques

This technique is brought into play for tough buildup of particles that breed bacteria and fungi to kill them. This method can cause allergies or expose occupants to health problems. People who are suffering asthma, and kidney diseases are advised to go for steaming not chemical cleaning.

Carbonated Cleaning

Carbonated Cleaning uses rotary brushes and rakes with water or cleaning solvents to remove dirts from carpet surface.