Sunday 05 March 2023

3 Key “Digital Marketing Tips” That You Must Follow In 2017

3 Key Digital Marketing Tips That You Must Follow In 2017

The Internet is all about keeping up with the pace. If you don’t keep in sync with the updates taking place in the world of internet, you’ll either end up or be left behind. The Internet has been a source of business for an unlimited number of businesses who operate through the internet. And to make sure they make it to the search list of those in need, they need to put constant efforts.

Thanks to SEO (Search engine optimization) and all the other aspects of it that helped us till now to keep in sync with the changes on the internet. However, the truth is, with time and evolution in trends you need to change your strategy. Things which have worked for you in 2016 to push your website on top of search engine search result might not be as effective in 2017. The need of the hour is to update your strategies with the recent changes that have occurred in 2017.  

How will you do this? Take a cue from your competitors and those who sit at the top in your industry. Find out what they are doing and if practically possible, keeping in mind your budget and other factors, implement the tactics to improve your search engine result.    

Remember one thing, “the successful one keeps updating themselves with time and the one who’s dead kept following the conventional tactics”.  It’s good to hold onto your routes but without updating your tactics and planning your moves with time will drag you into the bottom.  

Here are few things that we recommend to incorporate in your 2017 gameplan:

  1. 1.Make your presence felt on Social Networking sites: If you haven’t done it don’t worry, it’s never late to start fresh. Social networking sites have proved their worth to those who felt they are a waste of time. According to major digital marketing experts, social networking sites have brought them more no of quality leads than all their efforts combined. So, if you don’t believe us try it you, make your presence felt on social networking sites in a way that no one can walk past you without paying attention. We assure you, you won’t be disappointed at all. Moreover, all the major networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn etc are free of cost to use if you ain’t looking for outstanding results in a very short time. Also, make sure you don’t just do it as a part of your strategy, spend some time and engage with the audience.    
  2. Start indulging in Public forums and question answer websites: Question-answer sites and online Public forums have emerged as a new platform on the web to achieve higher traffic if done well. Now, you have to invest time in it if you desire a better traffic. Start participating in forums that match your website’s theme, initiate a conversation with the group and people, reply to threads, share your suggestions while answering someone’s query. This will help you in two ways, build your good image and get you good traffic.     
  1. Start using video content with your conventional content: Video content has gained a lot of popularity in last few years and today if you’re not using video content for your web marketing, you’re definitely missing on an opportunity. Video content is more engaging and has the potential to gain bulk traffic.