Saturday 09 December 2023

3 Nice Ways To Use An Accent Table In Your Home Decor

Decorating your home is not only fun, but it can also be a rewarding experience. There is no need to redecorate you’re entire house. As a do-it-yourselfer, you understand the value of a dollar, what to spend it on and when to purchase or rearrange what you have to create new and innovative looks. Accent pieces work like accessories do with clothing. By using them you get an inexpensive way to achieve a new look for your home. Below are 3 ways to use accent tables to make your home come alive!

Useful Accent

Accent tables don’t only serve as décor, they can also be used as storage. The best way to sport this look is to harmonize the accent table with its surrounding décor. The general outlook also depends on the size and style of the table. If you want something unpretentious, go with a table that has a simple design with uncomplicated lines.

Putting something small and unobtrusive in a corner or a table with a cloth adds an ornamental, yet softly hidden look. Color blending to camouflage a box-shaped table is also a good idea. Corner side tables work extremely well when you are going for that ‘invisible’ look.

Aesthetic Accents

Nothing boosts the atmosphere of your home more than a table that is vibrant in color or design! For a completely different look, choose a piece that is in direct contrast with the color of your living room. Greens contrast with melons and tangerines, blues contrast with lime and fluorescent yellow and there is always black and white for a striking look.

Color is not the only thing to make your table stand out, there is also sizes and makes to consider. Opt for a bold design as a center piece. Or, you can go for an antique piece. Use toile curtains for French antique tables or damask for 18th century American. If you prefer something modern, try geometrical cuts and angular shapes. Big, bold pieces are also great attention getters.

Space Saving Accents

To start with, assess the size of the room you want your table in. Think of it in terms of where you are going to place the table in relation to the other pieces of furniture. This may require a bit of rearranging Strategic placement is areas like corners, sides of walls and tables that look like attachments to other furniture pieces.

Use neutral, and non-descript pieces that blend in. Another good idea is to use high, narrow tables that take up little space, but also add to the atmosphere of your existing furnishings. Sometimes a combination of space saving and aesthetic value go a long way. You can use a bold corner table with an attractive design; it makes for a great conversation piece while also serving as a lamp stand.

If you look at magazines you can get some great ideas as to how to use you tables. You can even improvise and make a table from an old desk or cabinet. Add a new coat of paint, or a cloth; the possibilities are endless!


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