Wednesday 01 February 2023

3 Vital Dos and Don’ts For SEO

Do – keep your audience in mind

There’s no excuse for not having a mobile-optimised website. The majority of people who visit your site now will be doing so on phones, so you need to make sure they have a pleasant experience. That means a site which displays well on mobiles, loads quickly and doesn’t use lots of data.

3 Vital Dos and Don’ts For SEO

Don’t – skimp on your content

While there’s no diehard rule as to the ideal number of words on a page, at a minimum you want to aim for at least 300. If you don’t have that much content, ask yourself if you can combine two pages, and simplify your site structure at the same time.

Do – choose the right keywords

Keywords are the bedrock of good SEO principles. However, when defining a keyword or keywords for your page, you should try to be specific. ‘Present for wife’ is an example of a broad keyword, which is going to have a lot of competition and demand a high cost if you want to use Adwords to promote your page. ‘5th-anniversary wood present for wife’ is far more specific. Not only will it cost you less, the visitors you attract will be more relevant. Consider working with partners who offer local SEO services to help you stand out.

3 Vital Dos and Don’ts For SEO

Don’t – try to beat Google

Keyword stuffing is the web equivalent of keeping warm by setting your house on fire. Sure it will work in the short term, but you’ll suffer more in the long run. If your keyword tables, you may be tempted to write a sentence like this. Tables. We have a great range of tables and our tables are premium tables which are also low-cost tables that are easy to assemble tables and tables with tables. This might be great for SEO for a day or so, but anyone who visits is going to get confused and leave, and that won’t help your rankings at all. If you’re unsure, seek the help of professionals, such as

Do – link to high-quality third-party sites.

And if possible, get them to link back to you.

Don’t – link to poor sites, with little content, lack of updates or malware. Their low rankings will drag you down too.