Sunday 30 May 2021

4 Au Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Facial Hair

Unwanted hair causes a lot of discomfort to every individual including both the genders. There are multiple ways of getting rid of such unwanted hair from the body. When it comes to the hair removal from the body, there are multiple ways that can be implicated including waxing and shaving. But, the same is not much appreciated when we talk about the facial hair. As the facial skin is much sensitive and can react differently to different treatments of facial hair removal, it is not advised to go for such treatments. Here are some natural remedies of getting your facial hair removed.


Sugar and Lemon face Mask


This is a primitive technique for removing facial hair with much perfection and without causing much damage to the facial skin. It works on a very simple procedure of mixing lemon with sugar and creating a mask out of it. It will seem less like a mask but more like a solution but will get hardened after you apply it on your skin. As lemon comes with natural bleaching properties, it results in imparting a natural glow on your face. The sugary syrup is also the basic foundation for preparation of modern day wax.


Chickpea flour method


The next method for removal of facial hair uses chickpea flour, some turmeric and milk cream. Mixing all these three ingredients in equal proportions will give you a smooth mask. You can apply this mask on your face and various other body parts for getting a good exfoliated skin. Apart from that this pack will help you remove your facial hair in the most natural way without causing a bit of damage to your skin. Just make sure you do not step out in sun after using this pack as turmeric and sun do not go well together. It might lead to darkening of your skin, so it is better advised to stay at home for next 3-4 hours after using this homemade face mask.


Papaya and Turmeric


Papaya is yet another extremely amazing ingredient for imparting the natural glow on your face. When mixed with turmeric it can result in some very miraculous way and improve the texture of your skin with removal of unwanted facial hair. Papaya comes with an active enzyme called papain which is known to enlarge the hair follicles on your face which will further retard the growth of hair on your face.


Egg White Mask


Egg white is a very useful ingredient when it comes to skin and hair care. It has been used multiple times for betterment of both skin and the hair. This mask created using egg whites, some sugar and a bit of cornstarch, together helps in removing all the unwanted hair from your face.

These are some of the extremely beneficial methods of facial hair removal. If you are looking for some professional services and are not looking for home remedies, then you can visit here, and book yourself a facial hair removal treatment.


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