4 Easy Budget Friendly Steps To Remodel Your Staircase

Stairs are one of the common structures found in most of the buildings. These structures are used to climb upper floors with ease. The stairs can be made by wood, cement or of plywood. But, the cement staircases are quite common in the homes. Nowadays, most of the homeowners think of remodeling the cement staircases. There are several ways to make your steps beautiful and attractive; you can apply paint on the surface that matches with the interior décor of the house.

Some of you make use carpets or rubber mats over the steps to make them more prominent. Using stair treads and Led lights on the steps can also be excellent way to remodel the stairs. These measures also help in protecting the underlying cement surface and reduce the risk of accidents too. But, if you have the tight budget, you can use reasonable yet effective products to make the steps eye-catching. Let us see some of the ways in which you can create a different impact on the stairs through several steps.

Applying organic paints are one of the effective ways to protect the stairs. Inorganic or organic paints are available in the market to make the hidden steps visible. The organic paint options are of low budget and they are long lasting as well. You can hire a contractor and ask the expert to apply the paint all over the staircase. If you have someone in family with less visibility, then you have to apply dark colored paints over the surface of the steps. The paint makes the edges of the staircase visible to the observers. Paint should be done that suits the interior design and color of the room.

These accessories can protect the stairs from further damage. There are several ways to install the stair treads or nosing on the surface of the steps. Stair nosing is used on the edges of the steps to make them more visible. They offer better grip to the feet. The stair treads are used to cover the entire surface of the steps. Wooden or aluminum stair treads are available, but the FRP anti-slip stair treads are becoming important in the recent days. The fibreglass options are available in various color options and sizes. FRP stair treads are durable and are of pocket-friendly price. They are chemically inert and resistant to corrosion, as well.

Most of the homeowners living in large houses have whirling stairs inside can use mats and carpets over the stairs. There are several types of carpets available in the market that looks beautiful on the stairs. The carpets also bring an elegant look in the interior of the house. The rubber mat options offer good grip to the feet.

The concept of Led lights on the edges of the stairs is a relatively new concept. There are several properties of Led that make it popular than the fluorescent and the incandescent lights. The Led light varieties are long lasting and they emit less heat in the atmosphere. They make the stairs eye-catching.

These are some of the ways with which you can make your staircase attractive. These measures help in protecting the underlying surface of the cement or wooden stairs, as well. Last of all, you have to take care of the paint or the carpet regularly to keep them clean.

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