Thursday 30 November 2023

4 Key Steps When Implementing A Social CRM

CRM, or customer relations management, is a tool that not only monitors but stores statistical data as well, that you can later make use of, in your marketing strategies. CRM, however, contrary to the common belief, is not only about building and calculating revenues from transactions that took place but also helps to build up a strong, long-lasting relationship with the customers. Social CRM helps you know where your true market lies by making use of all the social platforms and the response your marketing is receiving from them. It then allows you to contact the market that holds your target audience to pitch your sales. There are many companies that are coming up with different software tools that are perfect for your social CRM. However, when implementing Social CRM, you need to pay closer attention to the following points to gain the most out of it.

Know Your Platform

Instead of focusing your energy on all the platforms that are out there, focus on the one that gives you better customer response. Channeling your energies out to all the platforms that are there will only weaken your marketing. Try to focus on only one and make it a hub of all your attention. Know exactly what you are seeking out in your relationship with your customers and choose the platform accordingly. For example, Google+ works best for the technical audience, LinkedIn for customer feedback etc.

Set up an Intelligent CRM Response Strategy

When you have a lot of responses from the audience, decide intelligently which one you should be attending to first. Prioritize your response based on a quick analysis and the demand of your business. Learn to distinguish the potential buyers from the ones who are just curious and may not end up buying your product. In case you are working towards expanding your user-base, respond to the users with most followers so that your comment receives more exposure.

Social Monitoring Service

Depending on the type of company you are, you will have to get a social monitoring tool as well to help you analyze the audience that is reaching out to you. Smaller companies can make use of the online tools like Tweet Desk to listen in to customer response. The bigger companies, however, need to invest in a software tool that is designed specifically for social customer services like Agile CRM.

Analyze the Data

Social CRM is of no use if you cannot analyze the data that you receive effectively. Use it to calculate your customer response time, the audience that your marketing strategies are attracting and the response you are receiving. Judge your customers’ expectations and give them what they want to boost your sales.

Social CRM is a tool and like all other tools, it is as good as the person who uses it. So make sure you use it effectively to build a loyal customer base.