Thursday 13 May 2021

4 Online Educational Websites In 2017

4 Online Educational Websites In 2017
  1. Code Academy:

4 Online Educational Websites In 2017

In the past decade, every field related to computer and computing science has become the trademark of success. Not millions, but billions of jobs came into existence due to computers and its technology. Due to this, the world educational institutes also started taking this industry seriously and offered different degree programs and courses. So does the Code Academy came into existence in the early 2010s with the motive of spreading computer-related education to every corner of the world. In this short period, the Code Academy has become an alternative to college classes to millions of its users around the world and also connect the learners with each other to create a classroom-like environment.

  1. Khan Academy:

4 Online Educational Websites In 2017

Discussing online education websites and ignoring Khan Academy is not possible. This initiative of a Bengali-Indian and American person Salman Khan is the landmark in online education. This project is funded by Gates is the one website which changed the trend of online learning. This website is one of the world’s biggest digital library focused on the traditional academic subjects instead of choosing complex areas of study to help out maximum people in the world. With the millions of learners and covering numerous subjects, the Khan Academy include the year 2017 as another brilliant year of learning and teaching in their books.

  1. Udemy:


Udemy is not a conventional online learning website. It is a marketplace for the learners and teachers. This website introduced a new method in online education industry by allowing teachers to sell their lessons to the learners. Instead of covering theoretical subjects, the Udemy focus on practical courses so learners can develop or enhance their skills. This year, Udemy has grown with an incredible success rate and announced it as their best year.

  1. Harvard Extension:

Harvard University Extension

What else better you can ask than an online extension of Harvard University. This extension of Harvard with the people having all the experience of prestigious Harvard University are providing the same quality education through online medium. Due to the goodwill of Harvard attached to it, this online educational website came up very quickly in the mainstream of online education industry. This website is still young in this industry but still showed great commitment and success this year.

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