4 Reasons May Slow Down Your Phone

Many people feel their choice of buying a phone is right one when they purchase a new phone and used it for the first few days. However, later on, study usage the phones get slowdown, apps will lag in opening and closing. The phone becomes a lazy responsive to the user, people does not understand why the phone behaving like this and without any survey they think it is because of the virus attack. Those people who follow up the technical terms and sources will understand the reason for it. There are some background reasons for this process delay in mobile, you must know about these reasons.

RAM Capacity

The RAM plays a crucial role in the smooth execution of process and application in mobiles. Bigger the RAM speed you get, it is limited in every device you cannot replace or upgrade your RAM in mobiles. Once the execution pool capacity is reached in executing process the RAM will fill up with pool list, which cannot switch frequently between processes so the process execution becomes slower. It might be a reason for your mobile slowing down, it is recommended to have a good RAM configuration, which is suitable for usage. If you are a user who uses more no apps frequently then take a high end RAM installed mobile.


Using a heavy number application may slow down your device. The execution of different applications requires the process handler to require switching between the processes with high frequency, it depends on the RAM capacity. If the RAM having slower capacity, then running multiple processes can slow down the mobile. Therefore, to ensure the mobile runs at a good speed without any lagging you have installed less no application, which does not exceed the RAM capacity.


Each mobile has some graphic processor, which can execute the graphics part separately. This is also having some capacity; the GPU has to render the Graphics and has to display the content on screen. An application having high graphic content has to run smoothly, but it requires a good GPU and to execute the rendering graphic content. If you have the GPU capacity, which can render the heavy graphics then it runs the applications smoothly, otherwise the rendering process requires more time to execute the 2D and 3D renderings.


The memory also one more reason, which makes you the mobile slow down a bit. The manufacturer offers a great storage capacity both internally and externally, but when your device almost filled up to 80%, you feel the mobile slowing down. The process of opening and closing applications and files from memory requires a good RAM capacity to access the files from memory. If you have the RAM that executing with high accuracy, then process execution becomes easier and the device mat not slow down. Otherwise the execution becomes the lagging heavily.

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