4 Tips To Help You Land A Dentistry Job

The Dental industry has always been a necessity, and with technology opening the door to innovative techniques, the cosmetic side of dentistry has enjoyed a boom. If you are looking for an interesting and challenging career, dentistry has a lot to offer, and here are a few helpful hints to ensure you get that dream job as a dental nurse.

  1. Do your Homework – If, like most young dental technicians, your career is in its early stages, you would more than likely be registered with a dental recruitment agency, as this is by far the most effective way to source the ideal employer. In the event the agency has an opening that might suit, you will be invited along for an interview. The most important task prior to the interview is to research the practice, as you need to be fully informed about the organisation that you might be working for. The Internet is a great source of information, and within a few hours you should have built up a profile of the practice.
  1. Register with the Right People – Anyone who is in a specialist industry like dental care, would be registered with an established recruitment agency, and if you happen to live in Western Australia, First Point Recruitment are a market leader in dental recruitment, and all the best practices will be on their books. Dental clinics do not bother advertising through general employment channels, as the response is minimal, rather they prefer to deal with a specialised recruiting company, one that has extensive connections worldwide.
  1. Prepare your CV – This is the first thing a potential employer will look at, so make sure it is professionally put together and contains all the right information. Obviously, details about your education and career to date will be present, along with personal information, and there will be a section where you will be asked to write a few words about yourself. This is an ideal time to blow your own trumpet, which isn’t normally the thing to do at all, but a job interview, you are good to go. Be direct, explain that you are looking for a rewarding position with a progressive practice, and as a great team player, you feel you have a lot to offer.
  1. The Dreaded Interview – If you have made it this far, then you are almost there, as many candidates would have been screened out prior to the interview stage. Dress well, but make sure you feel good about what you are wearing. The interview is the first time a prospective employer will meet you, and yes, first impressions count very much. Ideally, you need to strike a balance between self-confidence and humility, which means lots of eye contact, and a relaxed manner. If you really want bonus points, make sure you ask a couple of questions at the end of the interview, perhaps about the practice and the long term direction of the business.

Selecting the right employer is a critical step towards a successful career, and you really should enlist the help of a professional organisation that is dedicated to top quality dental recruitment.

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