Saturday 29 May 2021

4 Types of Filling Machines

There are many types of filling machines available on the market today that provide different services dependent on business needs. Filling machines can be used to properly package shampoo in a bottle in addition to solid products, such as candies and pills. Listed below are different types of filling machines that are used in a multitude of industries, including the pharmaceutical and beauty industries.

Liquid Machines

Liquid filling machines can be used for anything from various food products to home improvement items. Several are often housed at hardware stores, most commonly present as a paint filling machine for custom orders. Liquid filling machines help package thin liquid substances such as soda, water, oils, paint, and other liquids. The machines determine the amount required by weight.

Tablet Machines

Tablet filling machines are commonly used for packaging solid items, such as pills or candy. These types of filling machines are often used in the pharmaceutical industry. While liquid filling machines complete this process dependent upon weight, tablet machines can insert a specific number of tablets.

Gel Machines

Gel filling machines are used for more viscous liquids than what liquid filling machines can handle. Some of the most common products that are packaged via gel filling machines are various beauty products, such as hair gels and creams.

Dry Mix Machines

Dry mix filling machines are also known as auger and agitator filling machines. The dry mix is placed into the receptacle most typically via an agitator and funnel to prevent spillage. Dry mix filling machines are often used for various food products, such as sugar, seasonings, flour, and baking mixes. It can also be used for inedible products such as soil.
There are many filling machines available that can make the process of packaging various products a breeze. By keeping the product types in mind, you can choose the filling machine that best suits your needs.


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