4 Unique and Interesting Ideas For Your Pet Memorial

Dealing with a pet’s death is never easy and it can be a devastating experience for you and your family. To address this grief, you can make a pet memorial and you can keep the memory of your loved pet alive. There are many things that you can do to make a pet memorial and here I am sharing 5 unique and interesting ideas for your pet memorial.  You can try one of these ideas and you can easily deal with the grief of your pet’s loss.

Online Memorial Page

You can create an online page that is dedicated for your pet. You can upload your pet’s photos, life story, exciting moments and obituary on this page. You can have different sections on this page or site to make it look appealing. You can make it a permanent memorial place for your pet and anyone from any place can visit the page to feel sorry for your loss.

Burial Markers for your Pet

Many time you bury your pet in your backyard and you can use a memorial stone at burial place to keep the memories alive. You can easily find different types of burial marker for dogs online, and you can choose one easily. The good thing about this kind of markers is that you can customize it with your dog’s name. You can buy a dog memorial stone and can customize it to your preference.

A Photo Album, Painting or Portrait

Nothing could be better than seeing your pet again and again after its demise. You can create a photo album in which you may have your pet’s different photos. Alternatively, you can have a painting or portrait of your pet and you can display that on a wall. This way, your pet will always stay there in your memories and you can show your love for them.

Preserve Ashes

To keep your pet’s memory intact you can preserve their ashes after cremation. The ashes can be stored in a container which is beautiful and symbolises your pet. It can have an individual symbol or photo of your pet on it that will always keep the memory alive. It will also establish a relation that is more like a human with your pet. You will always remember them as your family member and not like a pet.


The good thing about these pet memorial ideas is that you can implement them easily and in an affordable cost as well. Also, these ideas can show your love and emotions for your pet in a simple manner. And if you want to try multiple ideas, such as using burial markers for dogs and wearing an ornament with your dog’s picture, then you can do that also.

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