Thursday 30 November 2023

5 Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

With the cost of living continuing to increase, almost all UK homeowners are looking at ways of saving money.

Some, for instance, opt to try to cut their spend on food by reducing the amount of premium branded items that they buy, whereas others shop around for a cheaper broadband package.

While we concede that these are certainly two viable options, we also believe that there are several more, with restricting the amount of heat that escapes out of your home being a pivotal one – as well as lessening the likelihood of your property being at an ideal temperature, this also provokes a rise in energy bills.

There are fortunately many ways of keeping warmth in. As roughly 25% of heat produced by boilers will make its way out of the roof, loft insulation proves to be a popular choice.

In addition, insulating walls and applying a sealant between the skirting board and floorboards does a decent job.

Another perhaps less well known option, however, is new windows and doors.

Now available with energy efficient glazing, these have both shown to be an extremely effective barrier against heat loss.

As a result, today we’re outlining five benefits of purchasing them:

  • Saves money

We’ll start with the all-important point for most – they’ll save you money in the long run. Though the initial cost of purchasing new windows and doors may seem expensive, you’ll find that they more than pay for themselves in the long term.

  • Added comfort

Sick of those drafty areas of your interior? Energy efficient products are specially constructed to eliminate them, and in doing so make the entire home a lot more comfortable to be in. Again, this inevitably also lessens your reliance on the heating too.

  • Quiet

Energy efficient windows and doors don’t just keep warmth in, but they also keep external noise out. This allows you and your family to benefit from a relaxingly quiet and toasty home.

  • Helps carbon footprint

As we’ve been frequently warned over the years, our planet is vulnerable to severe climate change. With this in mind, surely now is a better time than ever to start actually taking care of it? Energy saving windows and doors can’t do the job all on their own, but they can in fact cut a household’s carbon dioxide emissions by approximately three quarters of a tonne per year.

  • Reduces condensation

Seemingly harmless to many, condensation does have negative implications – it can cause mould. Fortunately, energy efficient windows and doors protect against it, and can considerably reduce the chance of those dreaded little water droplets making your home theirs.

Huddersfield-based industry leaders Clear View can design, manufacture and install such models for homes and businesses that reside anywhere in the UK.

These particular energy efficient windows and doors are made from aluminium, and feature the very best security features currently on the market today. They’re also available in a whole host of different colours, designs and finishes.