5 Best Browsers For Android

We all know how popular android-based OS become in these days. Every one attracted to android platform with its unique refreshing designs. As the android ruling out the mobile world, other web depended companies started to build their applications for android platform with powerful android customization. This lead to lots of innovation, fun, business boosting and creative app developments. This is also necessity situation to many organizations release their products for Android platform. Today, we are going to see the top 5 android mobile browsers which ruling the www world with their stunning and awesome features.


Chrome is a Google developed browser for its own mobile platform. It looks similar to its desktop version. It provides tabs to navigate the web pages also support the add-ons. Most of the desktop version chrome features are included in this android version. It comes as default browser in android phones and it is updated when you connected to the internet. It gives an option for synching your browsing details, later on you can choose this synced data on other devices also with your chrome account.


Firefox is Linux based internet browser4 and it has already well known in the web world. The open source Mozilla foundation developed the desktop version and with similar features it is released the android version browser. It is top most competitors for chrome, it is also comes with the data sync option we can sync all tabs, history, add-on and other details into your Firefox account. Firefox comes with private browsing tab, where you can surf anonymously. No, history will be traced in this mode. Additionally, there are plenty of add-ons available for Firefox.


Opera is another top browser, which comes with a unique approach to accessing Web Pages. It has been changing the its front end design to give a great control for accessing the page, front comes with pretty good features like speed dial, storing media of current page and tabs. It uses a special mechanism to get connected to the internet, if the net connection is dizzy (slower). It makes web pages load faster by using a webpage compressing method.


Safari is an initially Mac based browser which is totally represented the apple brand look, it has released a stable version of browsers of android also. The swipe method gives a stunning feeling to the user, the web pages can be swiped to left and right, for the back and forward actions. Another special feature is tab view-which gives users a great control to access the all opened tabs with a simple swipe. Features like donottrack, password generation, and parental restrictions, private browsing is included in this browser.


This is another popular browser, which is similar to Firefox. It looks so simple, yet packed with powerful features. The gesture-based navigation makes it look so cool, the voice based navigation also available in this browser. There are tons of special featured add-ons available for the browser. Speed dial, tabs, gesture navigation and voice navigation make this browser stand in the top list.

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