5 Best Gadgets For Improving Your Winter Vacation

As the winter season looms around the corner, many people are looking to embark on a winter vacation and take advantage of the snow. From snowboarding and skiing to spectacular hikes, the winter weather provides endless opportunities for adventure and fun. Wherever your vacation takes you, here are 5 gadgets that can help to enhance the experience making it a trip to remember.

  1. ThermaCell Foot Warmers

Most of us are familiar with those nifty hand warmers, but what about foot warmers? Yes, you heard that right. These ThermaCell foot warmers provide an excellent way to keep your lower extremities nice and toasty during various winter activities.

The ThermaCell foot warmers conveniently slip into any shoe or boot the same as any insole, nicely adding to the overall comfort of your feet as well. The high-tech wireless thermal technology means that you don’t have to mess with battery packs, extension chords, Velcro straps, or any of that complicated stuff.

Instead, these foot warmers are equipped with internal, rechargeable batteries. Users can adjust the temperature with a wireless remote which has three different settings: no heat, medium heat at a 100 degrees and high heat topping off at 111 degrees. These thermal foot warmers make an excellent addition to any winter vacation, allowing you to enjoy the cold weather without cold feet.

  1. DJI Phantom 4

Any awesome vacation is incomplete without equally awesome footage to remember it by. And with the continuous advancements in technology, we no longer have to limit our memories to photographs and simple video recordings. Take a drone on this winter vacation and capture some spectacular footage of your adventures.

The newly released DJI Phantom 4 is probably the best option in the market for just that. Regarded by many as the best drones currently out there, Phantom series continues to impress us with it’s slick design, cutting edge performance and ease of use. Complete with a self-stabilizing 4k camera, the DJI Phantom 4 is the best way to capture quality footage of that amazing snowboarding trip.

  1. Folding Sled

There’s no way to kick off a winter vacation than with the timeless classic of sledding. However, lugging around those large and obnoxious sleds can be quite the hassle. The new helps to eliminate this hassle by being easily carried and packed.

The folding sled combines innovative technology with traditional design. It can easily handle one or two riders at a time and performs as well as any other quality sled. The main advantages the come with the folding sled include compatibility and easier transportation, making it an easy addition to any winter vacation.

  1. The Dash – Deviceless Earbuds

Wireless headphones provided a much more efficient way to listen to music on the go. Without having to worry about those pesky chords, listeners could simply put on their headphones and press play. The Dash from Bragi takes this innovation a step further by getting rid of the device as well.

The Dash is the first ever set of headphones equipped with 4GB of memory to hold all your favorite music. This device is a great addition for any type of travel. It’s compact design makes it easy to carry and pack. Doing away with the wires and device reduces the amount of things a user must keep track of. The Dash can be used during all your favorite winter activities to keep your favorite music with you on the go.

  1. RAVPower Device Charger

When on vacation, we are constantly on the go. This means that we spend less time around outlets to charge all of our gadgets. We all know the feeling of having one of our devices lose batter halfway through our day. Solve this problem by taking the RAVPower Device Charger along for your next winter vacation.

This device charger features an effective way to keep your gadgets alive on the go. It comes equipped with the highest output on the market at 4.5A. Additionally, the RAVPower boasts an impressive 16750mAh capacity allowing you to charge more than one device. And with the inclusion of two USB ports, these two devices can be charged simultaneously. This makes sure your devices are charged in less time, allowing you to enjoy the vacation itself.

As colder weather approaches, there’s no need for seasonal depression. Pack up your bags and head out on an unforgettable winter vacation. Bringing along the right gadgets can help to make the trip that much better and more efficient.

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