5 Best Image Editing Apps For Android

There are many apps available in android world for editing the images and share them to social networking sites. These applications, each of them works with different algorithms and functional flows. Different applications got different features offerings. Editing and posting them to your walls on social networks are always fun and best parts. Let us now see five apps for photo editing and their features.

Adobe Lightroom

It was previously for desktop version, but the android market made it necessary release an Android version for mobile users. These applications were designed by adobe corporate systems. This one rich in features and functionalities. Offers so many filters and settings to apply for the selected images.


This application has been designed and developed by Autodesk. It has become more popular than ever with its new release, which has got many advanced filters and features. The features and options display is uniquely designed with this application, the UI is so simple to use and options too. Yet, it came from the AutoDesk the big industry of graphics. Simple hand use can give a re-touch and effects to your photos.

Photo Editor Pro

This one is another popular of android world. Its solid algorithm makes it work so smoothly in editing the on a mobile platform. The loading image time lesser than other applications, you can browse and open the required image from the galleries of your android mobile. Many filters are available in this app. Filters, frames, borders, brightness and other options are included.

Photo Effects Pro

Photo effects pro have got more options than previous applications. Different unique features are included, each update brings new fresh operative functionalities which give more features to the application. These also give you icons, text insertion, emo icons, mixing images and other good features.

Photoshop Touch

This application, available for both desktop and mobile versions, its again adobe systems released application. This application includes Photoshop like representation which will make easier to use the app. The powerful features of desktop version are max included in this mobile version. It gives option to work on the photo in layers methodology which exists in desktop version.

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