Friday 23 July 2021

5 Best Practices To Deliver Superior Customer Experience via Live Chat

Customer Experience

High customer satisfaction score has a direct relation with your converted shoppers. There were business owners who had got a double-digit conversion with high customer satisfaction in the past when there were limited options for customer services. Just imagine what would be the outcome now when you have got access to live chat software where you can assist customers in the real-time and that too instantly.

Undoubtedly, live chat software is a great tool to help customers who like to shop online, but you need some special skills to get maximum benefits from it. Just adding live chat to the website and sending robotic messages to the online customers cannot help you get the conversion. To help you, we have created a list of live chat best practices that you can use to deliver superior customer service.

5 Best Practices To Deliver Superior Customer Experience via Live Chat

Keep Response Time Low

By making your customers wait for longer, you increase the abandonment rate on your website. To prevent customer dissatisfaction due to high response time, you should use shortcuts and take help of canned messages. While using canned messages make sure you use them just to prevent repetitive typing as using them for every response can further irk the customer who is irritated due to high wait time.

Use Alternate Media

If your customers are facing problems on issues that can be solved through videos, infographics, images and screenshots, try using them instead of writing long and complex responses. It will not only help you save time but also help the customers get easy to understand the solution to their problems. Moreover, as we know a picture is worth a thousand words, you will save yourself from to trouble of writing out lengthy answers.

Clearly, Mention Operational Hours

We all know that the biggest benefit of online shopping is that we can buy a product from anywhere and at any time. It gives us the convenience of round-the-clock shopping but this is not the case with the customer support. Keep the live chat support time transparent by mentioning it on the site. If it is available 24×7, say so! If you offer live chat software support for limited hours, your website should clearly mention the operational hours and the live chat should be disabled after working hours. You can show a message ‘Your Support Agent is Offline’ to rightly update the customer.

Add a Human Touch

This is the most obvious requirement for live chat best practices for exceptional customer services. If your customers don’t get a human touch while talking to the customer support agents, they will find the conversation as cold and distant. So you should create a more human connection on live chat by personalizing the chat session. You can ask your agents to use customer’s name or their purchase history to let the customer know that you care about their and pay attention to their unique requirements.

Proofread Before Sending Message

Keep the quality of your messages consistent and this is possible only when you proofread your messages before clicking on the send button. A lot of grammatical and spelling errors in the messages leave a wrong impression on the customers that work negatively for your brand as well. Some companies like REVE Chat offer live chat widget with advanced spelling and grammar check features to help you control and monitor the quality of your responses.


By implementing the best live chat best practices for customer support, you can gain maximum benefits from the live chat software you have invested in. Do you also know some other live chat best practices? Share your ideas through comments.


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