5 Brilliant Benefits Of Portable Buildings

Portable buildings have become increasingly sophisticated over the years, from a last resort for toilets and temporary buildings, to a first choice for business owners who are well aware of the benefits they can bring. Increasingly popular amongst businesses from all industries – including education, leisure, and transport – portable buildings are mobile containers or cabins, which can be refurbished to meet your requirements.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of using pre-fabricated buildings over traditional construction methods, and why more and more businesses are turning to this alternative.

1. Temporary or Permanent

Because portable cabins are simply transported to your site, these mobile buildings can be hired for as little or as long as you need them. Although they have always had a popular outlet as temporary buildings and accommodation, especially during construction work that renders parts of your site inhabitable, they are gaining prominence as a permanent option too.

2. Quality Design

Why? Because as a matter of fact, portable buildings can be finished to an incredibly high standard, depending on their purpose. Exterior finishes and roofing in keeping with the rest of your property can be chosen, to ensure that your building isn’t an eyesore. Meanwhile, the interiors can be furnished to meet your design requirements, to create an inviting, comfortable working environment.

3. Safe and Secure

One of the biggest reasons why many business owners don’t consider portable building options is because they fear that they lack the security of traditional buildings. However, the opposite is often true. Portable buildings can be fitted with watertight security systems, as well as fire and blast-rated exteriors, to ensure that your premises is a long-lasting solution for your business.

4. Optimised for Comfort

You may think that a portable building will lack the comfort and warmth that you’d expect to have indoors. However, advancements in the design and technology of portable cabins mean that nowadays, they level up to traditional buildings. Eco buildings not only have smart heaters to control the temperature of the cabin year-round, they can also reduce the carbon footprint and energy bills of your business.

5. A Cost-Effective Solution

Last but not least, it goes without saying that a portable building is far more affordable than constructing new premises or offices from scratch. What’s more, by avoiding the disruption that construction work can cause, your business can continue running smoothly, whilst instantly gaining a larger site or new workspace.

A quicker, easier and lasting alternative to ordinary construction, portable cabins are saving businesses throughout the UK thousands of pounds. Allowing you to benefit from expansion immediately, without compromising on the quality and security of your premises, portable buildings are no longer just a temporary or emergency fix.

So before you start planning your construction project, take a look at the portable building options available, to see if you could save time and money by investing in a pre-fabricated building. It might not be something that you have previously considered but after this information you may now have an affordable option.

This article was written by Kelly G Grassam with helpful information from Thurston Building Systems. Kelly can be found on Twitter at @KellyGGrassam.

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