5 Career-Related Myths That Make College Students Doubt

Most inexperienced undergraduate students have certain career beliefs that do not usually correspond to the life’s reality. Some of them even cause a lot of unnecessary stress. The article below is intended to break down some of the major stereotypes and myths about the future career that make students shiver and cause stress during their studies.

Myth 1: A prestigious college major guarantees a good job

So, according to this common misconception, you need to choose the right major (or better a double major) in order to find a good employment. As the result, most of the students find it quite challenging to go over the courses of none of their interests.

In fact, most employers hire their workers based on previous job experience and skills rather than their specific major. The only exception to this rule is perhaps certain technical careers which would always have certain requirements about their college degree.

Therefore, if you are not planning to become a medical student or an engineer, give preference to the major you would really enjoy. Courses and disciplines of your interest guarantee your outstanding performance in classes.

Myth 2: I will have a single lifetime career

The truth is, nowadays most of the people experience a career change for at least 2-3 times over their lifetime course. The time when your parents had a single employment for the rest of life is over and nowadays due to economic issues and the variety of career choices altering your specialization is no longer a big deal.

Based on that statistics you have to be prepared for unexpected transitions as well. Although, you never know how long you are going to work within the one specific career, so your chosen career should always correspond your interests.

Myth 3: The harder my classes are – the better for me

They say, picking up the toughest subjects and torturing yourself with the killing schedule guarantees your further success during the job search when applying to graduate schools. But in reality, people simply end up with the unnecessarily high number of credit hours choosing hard disciplines.

As a result, most of them can’t handle complex writing assignments and turn to custom essay writing service to solve the problem. In fact, no one would even look at the courses taken in college.

Instead, try to build up flexible schedules that kind of ease out your curriculum. This means, along with hard courses take some easier electives. Any focus on performing well in classes you do really need.

Myth 4: Being involved in many extracurriculars matters

Most college freshmen consider they should impress their future job employers with the number of extracurricular activities in their CVs/resumes.

Therefore, most of them overload their schedules with more clubs, communities and volunteering groups. Yes, indeed, you must pay a great attention to making your resume outstanding, however, most of the employers from law, medicine or engineering fields wouldn’t take into account your super activism at all.

For other jobs, this would showcase your social skills, so taking more than one or two activities wouldn’t change the weather.

Myth 5: I should occupy myself with the most demanded jobs

In fact, you will never know how drastically the world job market may change in the nest 5-10 years. Because of constantly developing technologies, the variety of popular internship programs abroad and volunteering projects, the job tendency is smoothly changing.

What if in the next 5 years the work field you wish to be occupied in would have more value than some other present-day prestigious options?

Many college students face same prejudices about their future career from years to years. We decided to set the record straight about common myths that make them fear.

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