Monday 13 September 2021

5 Consequences Of Having A Dui/dwi Charge

Most people do not know that dui/dwi cases can affect their lives now and in the future. Whether you are guilty or decide to plead guilty, dui convictions have significant consequences for motorists. Apart from jail term, fines, and probation, there are other consequences. Read on to understand the 5 major consequences of dui cases.

Cancellation of your Driver’s License

A dwi conviction can result in your driver’s license being cancelled for two years especially if it is your first case. This may result in you losing the freedom to drive your car or any other car for several years. This can be quite stressful especially if you are used to driving yourself around. Furthermore, you will no longer enjoy family visits, long journeys, social activities or even simple errands. Furthermore, you may lose your company vehicle if you had one and may not be eligible to driving even at work. This will definitely affect the quality of your work and life.

5 Consequences Of Having A Dui/dwi Charge

High Motor Insurance Rates

Information regarding DWI convictions will always get to your insurance service provider. Depending on the nature of the charges filed against you, your insurance company will increase your insurance premiums because you will be a high-risk client for them. They can also decide to drop you by cancelling your insurance policy. This will make it harder for you to even get cover from other insurance companies.

Limits Employment Opportunities

Your current employment may be affected by your DUI case. Court hearings, arrests and community service can tamper with your working hours. This can bring issues with your employer and even put you at risk of being terminated. In addition, it may hinder future employment opportunities. This is because most employers usually carry out a criminal background check on prospective employees. Whether you’ve previously worked with a lawyer or had a legal visit firm will not matter.


Your education opportunities may also be limited by a DUI case. This is because some universities and colleges tend to deny opportunities for individuals with dwi records, for example, law schools. Institutions of higher learning require individuals to come clean on their past criminal records. Any negative record can hinder your chances of being admitted to a school that you wanted to study in. In addition, you may not get financial assistance from the school if you have dui convictions.

International Travel

You may also have problems travelling internationally if you have a dui record. This is because some countries, for example, Canada do not allow travelers that have a criminal conviction. Some countries may allow you to stay for short-term visit and not long-term stays. Others will only allow you to visit their country after five years have passed after the felony and you have maintained a clean record since then.

When you are arrested for DWI, it is important to fight for your rights. This is because a criminal conviction will have adverse effects on your reputation now and in the future. Choose a good law firm that will aggressively handle the case throughout the trial. With good attorneys, you will be assured of a protected future.

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