Monday 13 September 2021

5 Essential Safety Enhancements For Night Cycling

Cycling is one of the best fitness hobbies that beneficially comes second only to running or jogging. It is not just good for your health, but also takes you to scenic and beautiful natural places. Night time cycling exercise has its own perks; it maintains your health as well as nourishes your soul. However, before you start, you must have a complete cycling gear like the ones on with necessary enhancements, which are important for your comfort and safety during night cycling. Below are 5 equipments you need for night riding.

Night Warning Headlights

Cars have bright LED headlamps that are visible from tens of miles away, but bicycles need extra flagging for their road presence during obscurity of night, otherwise taking your bicycle into the darkness is just as good as paddling away with your eyes closed. A warning lamp alerts incoming cars of the bicycle and also enlightens your way by throwing light on the road.

Reflective Stickers

Night warning headlights are only good for covering up your front side, but you have no protection against vehicles coming at you from behind. Reflective bicycle stickers are the best solution to this problem; they passively lit by headlamps of the approaching cars and do not require any batteries. You can also arrange reflective stickers to make intricate patterns, but in doing so, do not reduce the width of the stickers, otherwise its visibility in the night will be affected.

Programmable LED Wheel Lights

5 Essential Safety Enhancements For Night Cycling

With programmable LED wheel light installed on the spokes of your bicycle wheels, you get a guaranteed 360 visibility during the night time. Moreover, these add-ons can be connected to a computer and set to display any design, graffiti or text you want to portray your style expression to the passers-by. It is best suited for teenagers who have to travel to and from college campuses.

Tail Lights

Modern tail lights for bicycles are nearly as bright as those seen in the cars. They increase your safety ten folds when it comes to night riding, because they cover a wide angle and offer a variety of other features including resistance against water during the rain.

Rear View Mirrors

If you have got yourself covered with your visibility to the road traffic, now is the time to think otherwise. In this case, the vehicle going in opposite direction cannot be missed, but turning your head over your shoulders again and again to watch out for cars, isn’t the safest idea to monitor cars closing in from behind, especially during the night. The rear view mirrors are the only reliable means to observe and anticipate approaching traffic.

These 5 safety enhancements for bicycles are extremely crucial for night ventures. Make sure you have them all included in your cycling gear.