5 Fat Guy’s Ways To Lose Weight

I wake up pretty enthusiastic and energetic thinking that today is the big day that I start eating less calories, drink more water, exercise frequently for about two months and then stare at the mirror saying that I’ve finally conquered my fat tummy.

I get up and have a healthy low calorie breakfast. But as the day progresses, there came along a pancake that I couldn’t resist, some fried that were necessary to go with a BURGER and the COLA I had to take if I really planned on getting that burger down my throat! Sounds familiar? I know, I’ve been through the same pain over and over again. But then I found a few useful tips that really saved the day and I could really see my weight lose. These are some really useful advices that can help you get that fat level down.

  1. Try not to subtract! Rather Add:

Don’t always focus on subtracting what you eat, because at times it is hard to let go your favorite food items, but what you CAN do, is add in some healthy goodies to go with it. You can always have your favorite fruits added to cereals, lunch or breakfast meals. Adding really helps while subtracting is not such a good idea as it will only make you apathetic from a healthy diet.

  1. Workout?? What Workout?

Every time you hear your friend say, ‘hey lets go for a jog, don’t you have to lose weight?’ you suddenly go all King Kong on that poor guy (even if it all happens within you). If ‘exercise’ is the word that creates avoidance towards workout then avoid it, simple! Chase your dog, wash cars, clean the windows or your room maybe, do anything that gets your body moving to burn fat. I admit ‘exercise’ really is a scary word; I’ve been a victim of this myself.

  1. I Walk a Lonely Road…

Walking is a good habit. The more you walk the better. But if that is not the case or you do not have the time to walk then you can always find excuses to get that extra mile out of you e.g. going to the grocery store, getting off your bus a few stops earlier, exchange your power mower for a push version, take your dog out for a walk, take the stairs every chance you can find or just walking on a fine day is a good way to burn the unwanted calories and get your body moving. This will also increase your walking stamina.

  1. Hydrate Yourself!

Get some water down the pipe before you eat and you won’t eat like a gorilla anymore. Before eating always hydrate yourself; this will help you manage what you eat. Try to keep no calorie beverages in your fridge that way whenever you feel like having a drink with your snacks, you will not be consuming unwanted calories and then blaming yourself afterwards for it. Keeping your body replenished with water will also help you workout… oops! I mean help you wash windows, chase your doggie and mop floors better.

  1. Lose it! And Keep It That Way:

All the practices I’ve mentioned above are pretty easy and fun to do. Always remember to keep a watch on your weight, do check it at least twice or thrice a month. That way your moral will be boosted and you would want to continue the practice which is not too hard to do. Moral is the main factor behind you wanting to lose weight, and you ACTUALLY losing weight. If you cannot check your progress, what is there to go with!?

I hope these five advices about how to lose weight were helpful and I wish you the best of luck in your journey of losing your weight, the fat-guy’s-way!

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