5 Gadgets You May Want To Consider Purchasing This Year

Tech gadgets are meant to simplify life while keeping you trendy in the tech world. Some gadgets take a bit longer to grasp than others, simply due to extra functions and features. Larger purchases may require financing, in which you can apply with UK Home and Personal Loans to see if you qualify for financing for that major purchase.

Mobile Hotspots

Mobile hotspots are ideal to have on-hand during a brief Internet outage. While some smartphones already have this capability, the hotspot is not always reliable. Networking through a dedicated device provides a stronger signal and better connectivity.

Using this type of device you also have Internet service just about anywhere. It is ideal for those that travel frequently or work away from the office most of the time. It keeps you connected no matter where you are. The device is compact, so it easily fits into purses and brief cases.


Smartwatches are all the rage. While they maintain their main function of telling time, the watches are packed full of features that make the watch into a smart device. A smartwatch is tethered to your cell phone, so your calls, texts and notifications go to the watch rather than your phone.

You can download applications for the smartwatch and treat it just as you would a cell phone. It does use voice to text, so you are able to answer a text message while walking, jogging or carrying in the groceries.

All-in-One Laptop

The Android operating system mainly used in smartphones is also used in all-in-one laptops. These devices are similar to a tablet, but have all of the features and functions of a laptop computer. Some compare Android to Windows as it is a very flexible operating system.

You have a better ability to customize the operating system to function while in-use of multiple applications at one time.

Google Glass

Google Glass has been rather controversial but has gained a bit of recent popularity. Essentially it is a smartphone disguised as sunglasses. Users can take photos with Google Glass. The availability of applications to enhance user experiences is a bit limited, but the device is still efficient for those on-the-go.

Interested parties used to require an invitation to purchase Google Glass. The wearable computer is now available to the masses.

Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft is a popular software company. With Windows being such a popular operating system, all of the applications available in the Microsoft Store are also available for download on the tablet. The tablet has a strong connectivity to Wi-Fi and has the ability to work with a wireless keyboard and mouse. Some prefer to use a stylus rather than using their fingers for the touchscreen for better accuracy. The lightweight device travels well and packs away easily in handbags and work totes.

Staying in-tune with technology is important for many tech-savvy consumers. Gadgets tend to be popular in trends with some improving and gaining popularity and others fizzling out. These technology gadgets do help keep you mobile and in-touch with those that you need to while offering additional computer-like functions for multiple uses.

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