5 Helpful Dressing Tips For Short Men

Having a tall height is definitely a plus point in men. It makes you look more dominant and commanding. But that does not mean short men should feel any less, we have 5 amazing tips for you that will add an extra inch or two to your height and give you a confidence boost.

  1. Wear Vertical Pattern

Men with short height should never buy shirts that have horizontal pattern. Shirts with vertical stripes tend to give a unique visual effect that makes you appear taller. Avoid bold patterns at all times and choose a vertical patterned shirt that has minimal gapping between each stripe.

  1. Wear Fitted Clothes

A sloppy shirt is a big turn off and especially for short men it gives an impression that they cannot find clothes of their own size. Always buy clothes that fit ideally and are not loose from any part. If you cannot find the perfect small size, do not go for a medium, rather get tailored made shirts. Slim fit is the best size for short men, wearing fitted pants makes your legs appear long. Make sure that your pants do not have any folds near the angle.

  1. Wear Dark Shades

Do not go for contrasting light colors as they are not the best choice for short men. Buy dark shades and make sure that your pant and shirt do not differ too much in terms of color as the same color scheme visually adds to your height.

  1. Keeping A Perfect Length

Focus on the length of your clothes. If wearing a jacket, the length of the sleeve should be as such that the cuffs are visible only by a small portion. This helps to make your arms appear longer. The overall length of the jacket should also be halfway between your thumbs. Wearing a long shirt or a jacket is going to make you look small, hence always be careful about finding the suitable length.

  1. Wear Heeled Shoes

This is definitely going to add about 2 inches to your height. Do not go for the driver shoes or flat sole shoes; wear formal heeled shoes as they not only look very sophisticated but greatly add to your height. You can also buy heel inserts for your flat shoes, but they tend to get uncomfortable for some people.

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