Saturday 29 May 2021

5 Helpful Fashion Tips For Men To Look Good

Most magazines, TV shows and online tutorials focus on women fashion and how they can improve their overall experience to not just feel good themselves, but also to attract the opposite gender. But do not worry men, we have prepared here a list of 5 easy tips which you need to follow in order to remain in style and be an eye candy.

5 Helpful Fashion Tips For Men To Look Good

  1. Dress to Fit Your Figure

Never ever wear anything that does not fit you perfectly. Men usually make the mistake of wearing baggy clothes, which is a big turn off. Your outfit should never be too tight or too big, else you will be damaging your overall appearance. If you cannot find the right size, go for custom made clothes.

  1. Balance the Colors

Wearing a single color from top to bottom does not always look good. Experiment with contrasting colors such as a black shirt and khaki pants, blue shirt and brown pants and of course the legendary black pants and white shirt combination. Try different combinations and be confident in whatever you choose.

  1. Include Details

Details look good but do not go for something very fancy. A scarf in winters, an elegant watch or some sexy looking shades will surely make you stand out among the crowd. Anything extra is actually the first thing noticed, so choose wisely.

  1. Buy A Good Pair Of Shoes

A man’s shoes can tell a lot about him. Dirty or worn off shoes are a major turn off and tell that the person does not care how he looks. So make sure your shoes are clean, sharp and match the overall outfit. For casual events, wear Loafers, Converse or Boat shoes. For formal gathering, put on some beautiful Oxfords, Brogues or Monk strap shoes. Make sure to match your belt with shoes!

  1. Stay Simple But Stylish

Our final advice is to stay simple and do not go for something too fancy or excessive. For example, wearing too many pieces of jewelry or trying on an unnecessary red color jacket or a pair of fancy shoes over a simple black shirt will pose a bad image. As mentioned earlier, you can try on anything that goes with the overall color scheme of your clothes such as some cool Aviators or a maybe a black colored blazer with blue jeans, but nothing extra.


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