5 Maintenance Must-Haves When Spending Christmas on a Houseboat

Lower temperatures and winter weather can make maintaining a houseboat far more challenging. From inspecting the engine to ensuring that all climate control and heating appliances are kept in good working order, there are a number of maintenance efforts that could make a world of difference.

Inspecting the Engine and Onboard Equipment

While engine repairs can be a tedious undertaking under normal circumstances, cold weather can make even the simplest efforts far more tedious. Having your engine and other equipment inspected at the start of the season can allow you to address any potential issues before they grow into larger concerns. Finding out, too late, that there is a problem is a situation you would do well to avoid.

Seasonal Tune Up

Preventative maintenance can often be performed for a fraction of the cost of repairs. Keeping your houseboat in good working order can also save you a great deal of time. Keeping up with your service schedule and scheduling a tune up at the start of the season can help to ensure your boat remains free of issues throughout the season.

Using the Best Parts and Components

Trying to save money by purchasing substandard replacement parts, components, equipment or other products can be self-defeating. Even using higher quality boat washes and soaps  from marine maintenance parts shops helps to ensure that upkeep and repairs are able to be as effective and successful as possible. Even using higher quality boat washes and soaps can to prevent cosmetic issues from become a concern.

Heaters and Furnaces

Your proximity to the water means that a sudden loss of onboard heat can quickly become a big problem. Checking, inspecting and maintaining your climate control equipment during the fall minimizes the chance of a breakdown during the winter. A gas-powered generator or a few portable heaters can also be essential equipment to have onboard.

Fuel Stabilizers and Antifreeze

Not all of your houseboat’s equipment and systems were designed for colder operational temperatures. Adding antifreeze or fuel-system stabilizers to your engine at start of the season can be of tremendous importance. Winterizing your engine and equipment can spare you from having to deal with costly repairs once temperatures begin to drop.

Boat maintenance is never something that owners can afford to ignore. The basic efforts needed to winterize your houseboat can go a long way towards keeping your engine, appliances and other equipment in good working order until the spring. Proper upkeep and routine seasonal maintenance can eliminate many of the problems associated with cold weather conditions.

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