Thursday 16 September 2021

5 Must-Have Day Care Equipment Pieces

5 Must-Have Day Care Equipment Pieces

Finding an experienced quality care equipment supplier that understands the importance of safety, quality and efficiency is essential for the delivery of first-class compassionate care. Specific categories and quantities of equipment required will be determined by the individual needs of service users and will vary, but the following five pieces will enhance the lives of patients and the working lives of caregivers.

5 Must-Have Day Care Equipment Pieces

Lifting Chairs and Lifting Cushions

Lifting chairs or lifting cushions are designed to safely and efficiently help support and assist someone who has fallen to get back up on to their feet. A lifting cushion can be placed under the patient and will inflate, whereas a lifting chair can be assembled around the patient. Portable and able to be safely used in tight spaces, these pieces of equipment minimise discomfort for patients and reduce the risk of injury to caregivers. If necessary, they can often be operated by a single carer, ensuring that the patient is not left on the floor for too long.


Having a broad range of hoists for different tasks is essential to ensure safety at all times for both service users and caregivers. There are many hoists available, including those that help patients stand, to safely use the toilet and to be carefully moved. Ensuring the use of the correct-sized sling for each patient is vital. A sling that is too small will be uncomfortable, and a sling that is too large is dangerous as the patient may fall. The correct size will provide the appropriate amount of support.

Personal Hygiene Solutions

Providing discreet and dignified personal care is vital. Toilets that have a wash and dry function can allow a patient to use them independently or to have some support from a carer but without the need for intimate care. These toilets can also be used in a conventional way and as such are very adaptable.

Profiling Beds and Pressure Care

Comfort for patients is of the utmost importance, and having confidence in the reliability of these pieces is crucial. Profiling beds can be easily adjusted, allowing patients to sit up or raise their legs – making them flexible for a variety of requirements. They can also be easily lowered to allow the patient to safely stand and elevated to help caregivers. A pressure-relieving mattress or mattress topper will reduce the risk of sores in patients who are confined to bed or experiencing reduced movement.

Turning Systems

Manual turning carries risks for patients and carers. A turning system is an innovative piece of moving and handling apparatus that allows patients to be moved safely and with dignity. They can be used for turning to avoid sores and also for repositioning in bed. Permitting caregivers to work on a one-to-one basis and reducing discomfort or embarrassment for patients, turning systems are an effective and gentle piece of equipment.

Investing in innovative and well-designed pieces from a quality care equipment supplier will provide safety, longevity, reliability and ease of use in the care environments of today.