Wednesday 06 December 2023

5 Natural Ways To Clean Your Rug

If you think for awhile, rugs are such a great fellows.  They are good looking, pleasant to stand on barefoot, they are warm when it’s needed the most, and quietly take all the beating, and abuse that would otherwise damage your precious floor. Is there any better way to pay them off than by giving them a proper cleaning? If your answer is “No” let us point out that there are several ways to clean the rug even without harsh chemicals that can be harmful both to you and the rug as well. Let’s check five of them.

  1. Beat the Dust out of Rug

Showing the affection doesn’t necessarily mean that you should skip a little bit of tough love. So, if your rug is not plagued with anything else but dust, first thing you will have to do is to take it outside and give it a few vigorous shakes. Then, you should fold the rug in half over the clothesline, find your good old carpet beater (or broom if you don’t have one) and use it to beat all the dust out of the rug.

5 Natural Ways To Clean Your Rug

  1. Sweeping the Rug

If you are, however, feeling that your gorgeous Zado rug doesn’t deserve beating, but you still want to exercise a little bit, you can always opt for brooming. Pick all the larger debris that would otherwise slow you down later and find the appropriate broom. For this task you will want to buy the traditional, angled one.  Use quick and short strokes and apply more pressure than you would while sweeping some smooth surfaces.

  1. Use the Club Soda to Get Rid of the Stains

In some cases (ok, in most cases), dirt won’t be the only enemy you will face. When such times come, buy cheap club soda in cans, arm yourself with towels and begin cleaning. Pour soda over the stain, gather it with towel (don’t ever scrub the carpet, you will only make the things worse), continue blotting all the way up to 45 minutes if needed, and you will see that stains are completely gone. Be sure to always have a couple of cans of club soda with you – This process works the best before the stain dries.

5 Natural Ways To Clean Your Rug

  1. Fresh the Carpet Up With Baking Soda

With all the foots and paws wandering over them and various things being spilled onto them, rugs tend to pick up some unpleasant odors. That’s why you will need to take one cup of the baking Soda and sprinkle it all over the rug. Wait for about 30 minutes and then start vacuuming, and you will see just how refreshed the rug will be. Add some natural scent and essential oils for the better effect if you want to.

  1. Clean Spots With White Vinegar

Finally, if your pets decide to mark the territory on your rug in the most unpleasant way, don’t despair. Just lay several towels over the problematic spot and place some weight on top. Leave the things as they are for several hours and then, mix ½ cup of vinegar with 1 quart water and use it to spray the affected area to remove odor and blot dry.

Having in mind that your time and health are the most valuable, there are  cleaning your rug, you can also consider delegating this job to professionals.