5 Of The Most Useful Email Marketing Automation Tools and Services

Choosing the best email marketing automation tools and services can be a daunting experience. Many online marketers want to acquire the most affordable and intuitive ones that offer a wide range of features to engage prospects and improve sales. But hey, separating the wheat from the chaff can be done quite quickly – and this article has got you covered.

If you want to eliminate the burden of finding these tools and services – and immediately move forward with the goal of increasing your marketing efforts – check out the recommended ones below. Make sure to keep them all in mind!

#1. ActiveCampaign

You may think that ActiveCampaign is an underdog – but this was true a couple of years ago. Nowadays, it has become a leader in the email marketing realm. It has built one of the best products for email marketers, helping it move past pioneers like Infusionsoft and Mailchimp.

ActiveCampaign is being used by more than 60,000 businesses across the globe. You would even find a lot of bloggers and even start-ups utilizing this tool now and then!

#2. Constant Contact    

If you are so eager to learn more about the best marketing platforms and strategies, be sure to check Constant Contact. And it’s a shame if you have not chanced upon this tool yet, considering it was founded back in 1995. While it is true that its email templates are not as exceptional as others, it is still good in general.

What makes Constant Contact a win is its intuitiveness. It’s packed with useful features and simple to grasp interface. Let’s say you want to form an email marketing campaign to inform prospects about the Click2sell banner advertising platform. You can easily do so in a minute or so thanks to its easy-to-use process.

#3. Hubspot

Of course, it is a crime not to include this one here. Hubspot is, after all, a “marketing jaguar.” But what’s so good about it? Does it have what it takes to bring you to greater heights? In case you did not know, Hubspot is responsible for coining the term “inbound marketing.” The latter is the reason behind this tool’s all-in-one CRM, as well as other fantastic features like content management system and email marketing automation, among many others.

You may find Hubspot a platform that is trying to embrace every possible feature there is. But there is a massive advantage to having such, as it gives you access to tools – all in one place – that could rocket your way to conversions and sales.

#4. Ontraport

Not only is Ontraport a good product, but it also comes with a great user community. Plus, its price is quite reasonable for a technology that is beyond industry standards. In fact, its massive community is the main reason behind its success. Ontraport can understand the different aspects it needs to improve; hence, it has been releasing updates after updates. So if you are looking for a one-stop-shop email marketing tool, keep this one in mind!

#5. SendX

Are you new to the marketing world? Or perhaps you have been here for a long time, but you are still trying to find your way to the top? If so, then it is time to consider SendX. This one here is all about being a simple email marketing solution, the type that’s designed explicitly for newbies or up-and-coming marketers. Plus, the different plans it offers are affordable.

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