Monday 10 May 2021

5 Positive Benefits Of Storytelling For Your Kid

5 Positive Benefits Of Storytelling For Your Kid

Storytelling is an art which means reading out loud stories to children or just simply telling a story from the memory to children. Is is as simple and easy as reading a story from a book. But this art is getting lost as many parents get only a little time to spend with their kids as the bustle and hustle of everyday life demands them to find more time for the needs and wants of life. Most of the parents these days find it much more easier to put their child to bed after wathing a favorite cartoon or you tube video, than curling up in bed and reading out loud story for them.

Kids generally love stories and books as they are introduced to creative places, ideas and wonderful creatures they didn’t know about.  Through creative stories kids are able to learn more about the world, the life and themselves too.

Apart from creating a strong bond opportunity with your child, there are many other benefits of storytelling for child especially for kindergarten, preschoolers and young kids.Here is a list of five positive benefits of storytelling for your child that you cannot afford to ignore as a responsible parent.

5 Positive Benefits Of Storytelling For Your Kid

Encourage Imagination Power and Creativity P: Perfect storytelling can encourage the power of imagination and creativity of your child. Listening to a story helps your child imagine the places, plots and characters etc in mind instead watching them visually. Strong imagination is the  key to enhanced creativity and kids can be trained in several ways to develop strong imagination skills. This also improves creativity, making your child more imaginative and open to free thinking and innovative ideas.

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Develop Listening Skills:Storytelling can enrich the development of listening skills that will surely benefit your child all his/her life. Most kids have a lesser attention span and it is difficult for them to concentrate on a particular topic for long. Some children end up chatting more than listening to other. Storytelling ensures that your child is not only more attentive but is also more interested to listen more carefully and understand.

Sharpens Memory:As a responsible parent with the help of certain new ideas, you can use storytelling to sharpen your child’s memory. After reading out loud the story, ask your child to repeat and describe the same story after some days.  This is a creative and fun way to encourage his/her concentration while sharpening the memory.

Culture and Roots Awareness:Storytelling  allows kids to experience  different traditions, worlds and countries , helping them develop an appreciation of the different world and countries cultures.  You can also tell your child stories from your childhood and online with Dealwiki about traditional celebrations and activities. This will definitely make them more aware and familiar about different traditions and customs of your family.

Improves Verbal Proficiency:When you read out loud the stories to your child, it helps in making your child more familiarize with your daily used language as well as learn new phrases and words. This is the best way to improve the verbal proficiency of your child on a regular basis.

Which kid doesn’t love reading and listening to stories? Storytelling forms an essential part overall development of your child’s personality. Aside from the above mentioned benefits, there are many other benefits   of storytelling for your child.

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