Thursday 13 May 2021

5 Potential Benefits Of Learning Phonics For Your Child

5 Potential Benefits Of Learning Phonics For Your Child

As a responsible parent everyone wants their child to do well in both school and  life and being a great reader is an important part of this success. Phonics is an interesting reading method where in children first learn the phonemes or sounds that two or more letters make when read loudly and then start putting those phonemes together into words and finally into sentences.

The simplest way to start your kid on learning phonics is through regular reading. Try to read with your child and explain him/her why and how words are pronounced in specific ways.Learning to read with phonics can be effective if kids learn to read at an early stage. Research among kids have shown that early phonics teaching improves spelling and reading for new language learners and most of the  primary schools in world use phonics learning sessions to help poor primary students with weak English Foundation.

Listed below are five biggest benefits of  learning phonics for your child :

5 Potential Benefits Of Learning Phonics For Your Child

It helps kids Decipher Words

One of the most essential benefits of learning phonics is that it teaches your child to decipher words independently and they need less help with reading. When your child learn phonemes the letters and combination of letters make, they can break those words easily and  this allows children to learn more new words on their own and read aloud confidently

 It Improves Writing Ability

Another advantage of learning phonics is that it eventually boost the writing ability of your child. It helps your child learn easily to write using activities and lessons to help children master both writing and reading skills. With this, child can also develop their spelling skills quickly, as they regularly learn the letters and group of letters create phonemes in words that they write. At the Dicker Reading Method, phonics is easily learned  through our best phonetics technique.

It expands Vocabulary

When a child learn phonics, it gives kids a strong foundation for learning new words other than the words they already know. While learning phonics your child recognise words or part of words by associating them with images. This fun activity helps them to differentiate between other phonic phonemes or sounds and improves their vocabulary.

It Raises Phonemic Awareness

Learning phonics is extremely effective at raising children phonemic awareness.A  single word is made from a combination of individual components which are sounded out, known as sounds or phonemes. When a child learn phonics he/she  hear sounds or phonemes, identify them and finally understand the way letters and phonemes correlate with each other. This is how the phonemic awareness raise in children.

It makes Writing and Reading Fun    

Most of the systems teaching phonics to kids are especially designed to be an engaging and fun activity. With activities and games incorporated into teaching lessons along  with  bright colors prams, pictures and visual material that kids come to link with fun learning to read process. This approach not only improves the learning experience but eventually results in  development of reading and writing skills.

For children there appears to be many potential benefits of learning phonics at an early age. While learning phonics may not be best solution for every child but studies show that it can be extremely effective for most of the children. For more information related to learning Phonics, get in touch with us !

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