Sunday 25 July 2021

5 Reasons Why Engineers Should Join Startups

As a freshly qualified engineer, you may be rushing towards the big giants of engineering. The likes of Rolls Royce who make plane engines and submarine reactors. You may be leaning towards a huge car company like BMW or a computer company like IBM. These companies are at the top of their game when it comes to engineering. They offer stability and a good salary. However, today, we’re going to explain why you should forget that and look towards startups instead!

5 Reasons Why Engineers Should Join Startups

  1. The Startup Market is Booming

Quite simply, startups are becoming more and more powerful. In the tech and engineering world, startups are beginning to push out their giant older brothers. They are more innovative and can react quicker to changing trends. Big companies may offer stability now, but startups are the future.

  1. Feel like you’re Making a Difference

Giant corporations are great for offering stability and plenty of work. Unfortunately, at a large company, you are one small cog in an enormous machine. Join a startup and you become a vital and necessary part of the company. Everything you create or make is essential to the business you are in. None of your work will get swallowed in the machine and you’ll see immediate results. We know engineers. And we know that they love to build things and watch them turn into something useful. Joining a startup is the only way to do this.

  1. Responsibility and Value

Joining a startup immediately gives you responsibility. There will be a much smaller team and everyone will have their role to play. People will turn to you for advice every day. You will feel more valued for your skills and work. In a giant engineering team, you’ll start at the bottom of the ladder. It will take years for a sense of responsibility to creep into your job.

  1. Efficiency and Networking

The best thing about startups is their efficiency. You can come up with an idea and start implementing it immediately. Forget the dense layers of bureaucracy, managerial consent and six steps of approval. The engineering suppliers at tell us that trading with startups is quick and easy. Much faster than large giants. Our experience in large corporations has always meant long financial and ordering procedures. Working for a startup eliminates that. You’ll also get to work with other startups and suppliers and start to grow your own network.

  1. Shape the Future

The people who work at startups are full of energy and inspiration. They want to push the boundaries and alter the world we live in. They want to shape the future and create something groundbreaking. This energy and motivation is infectious. As soon as you start working at a startup, you’ll be inspired and ideas will spark every day. It’s a great place to see dreams come to fruition.

We know that it’s often difficult to turn down the lure of a big company. The well known giants of industry come with a big name and command respect. They offer stability and a good wage. Unfortunately, there just isn’t the culture of inspiration and excitement that fresh engineers crave. If you want to feel valued and get inspired, join a startup instead.