5 Romantic Valentine’s Day Movies for Men

As Good As It Gets (1997)

It is about three person, who from a rather unlikely friendship – misanthropic romance author, gay artist and waitress/single mother. It is a charming, realistic and funny portrayal of different worlds colliding with one another. Men would like it, because Jack Nicholson prevents the film from becoming sappy. It’s a brilliant story of three people with their own journey. Women would like it because, it is about the discovery of a true happiness.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

It is about a couple who erase memories about one another and they need to start the re-discovery process. It’s a beautiful and surreal film, starred by Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey. It depicts a tumultuous love for one another. Men would like it because it has a thought-provoking and twisty take on love; making it an unlikely romantic film. Women would like it because it blends fantasy, drama and romance; as well as realistic and honest portrayal of a normal relationship. It’s all about the inevitability of the imperfections in life.

Pretty Woman (1990)

It’s a classic story that the younger generation can watch. Richard Gere plays as a wealthy businessman who needs an escort, so he can attend various social events. Men would like it because the film has funny, entertaining and funny plot; although slightly schmaltzy. Women would like it, because it feels like a modern Cinderella story that is entertaining, romantic and lighthearted.

Sideways (2004)

It is a heart-felt and emotional comedy about a couple two middle age men who embark through the wine country in California for the road trip. One of them is about to get married in a week, but they encounter a couple of attractive women. As a result, they need to examine their morality. The film gets 97 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes, so this should be an interesting film to watch. Men would like it because, it is about a journey of two buddies, who encounter women along the way; something that many men typically experience. Women would like it because the film strikes an unusual balance in portraying the angst, imperfections and emotional pain of the characters. It’s truly romantic, funny, edgy and comedic.

Wall-E (2008)

It’s Pixar’s unlikely romantic animated tale. It’s about a waste-collecting robot that continues to do its job, although human has abandoned the Earth due to extreme environmental damages. For men, it’s just an animated robot film, enough said. For women, it’s about a journey of a robot to find its first love.

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