5 Steps To A Good Hand Writing

It is always a tough task to write something neatly. For the students it is always important to write neatly in exams and notes to obtain good marks. Everybody knows a good neat handwriting can provide us some good marks. But many teens nowadays are facing so much difficulty in handwriting, they are not even able to write like a high school kid. This is all because of less practicing at school time. Now in this college age, it is required to have a good handwriting to note down something quickly that can be understandable in later days. It is not only useful for educationally but a good handwriting can help you many ways in different situations. Here in this article you are going to find some tips to get a good handwriting on practice.

Get a Good Hold

Whether you are using a pen or pencil you have to hold it perfectly, which very flexible way for you to write. This holding makes you confident while writing something and also you can feel the flexibility of speedy smooth writing. There many ways people holds the pens, each person chooses his own technique which he feels comfortable with it. Try two fingers or three fingers holding methods. Search for a correct suitable way of holding of pen for you.

Pick a Correct Pen/Pencil

If the device of writing changes, then automatically hand writing differs, this is because of comfortless level you feel with that particular pen can vary. Most of people use the same brand or same model pens for a long time to not get changed from their own handwriting.

Practicing More

In many nations, it is obvious for children to do their homework in writing many paragraphs and passages in different subjects. For those who writes more home works with good grip on writing words can become a person who has a good handwriting. This daily work makes them learn good handwriting, but in many countries children don’t go under these kind of workings, for them it has to be a separate practice try to practice more.

Follow The Rules

Initially, it is good to practice on the lines of the books, write on the lines do not write much above the line or below the line, focus on writing the words on the line which doesn’t come down much. See the letters in your writing! Are they coming out well? If not, practice the letters first, try to write the each alphabet clearly and in good shape, later on you can try the words. When you write perfect alphabet shape it makes you easier to write the words clearly and neatly.

Follow the Grammar Rules

It is not only sequence of a well shaped alphabet, but you have to concentrate grammar part also. Punctuation marks, question marks, commas, full stops these grammatical symbols also helps you turn your exam paper into a neat representation of your answers. The shape of alphabets should in good posture, don’t go up and downs on the line, analyze your handwriting skill set once a week and choose a flexible pen for you.

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