5 Things Not To Miss In Coolangatta

If the glitzy glam and party scene of the Gold Coast doesn’t suit you, head to Coolangatta, especially if you love the surf or want a laid-back seaside holiday. If this sounds like you, continue reading to find out the top things to do in Coolangatta as well as all the important information to plan your holiday to this seaside resort town. While the camper van hire is an incredibly important decision to start things out, it’s only the beginning.

While many other travellers are looking at busy bustling cities like Sydney or Perth, sometimes you want a holiday that is a bit more relaxed, featuring an easier and slower pace while still offering plenty to see and do. Read on to learn our picks for the five best things you won’t want to miss in Coolangatta.

You Must Hit the Surf!

In many ways this town is a laid back place, but it’s also a major draw for surfers looking for high quality breaks. There are good waves for surfers of every experience level from beginner to experts who are the ones who probably get most excited about Point Danger. Kirra Point is another high skill option while beginner friendly Greenmount Beach and Rainbow Bay offers plenty of space to get your sea legs underneath you as you’re learning the craft.

Rentals are available near the beach, and there’s plenty to love about what this entire area has to offer.

Sky Diving at its Finest

Sky diving is offered in many places, but Coolangatta offers some of the best you’ll find in all of Australia. See amazing aerial views of the Great Barrier Reef, the legendary Queensland coast, and more as you head down from impressively high jumps. In fact, there are skydiving providers who provide tandem jumps from as high as 14,000 feet to give you the full view of the incredible coast as well as the inlands stretching towards the Outback for miles and miles – as far as the eye can see.

Many of these jumps are in the ten thousand to fourteen thousand feet range and some even end up with a soft landing on a beautiful and sparsely populated beach. This is an incredible high adrenaline experience that often even comes with shuttle service to help you enjoy the jump of your choice and then get back to your campervan site.

Outstanding Whale Watching

If you’ve never been whale watching, you’re missing out. These incredible sea mammals are stunning in size and majesty, and Coolangatta is one of the best spots in all of Queensland to get a look at a pod of migratory humpback whales. August and September are the best months for this, although you will have plenty of opportunities to see them in other parts of the year, as well.

There are many options available and on many of these tours you’ll get a chance to see not only the giant and impressive humpback whales but also bottlenose dolphins, orcas, pilot whales, and more. Great for nature lovers, individuals, or even families.

Tour the Local Rainforests

Almost as soon as you have your camper van hire figured out, you need to start looking at which of the local rainforest tours or cruises you want to consider going on. There are many options available and most of the tours are roughly 4-6 hours in length. Not only does this include really getting a close look at the famed Tweed River and the local rainforests, but it might include a side activity catching river crabs, visiting the villages of Stott’s Island, and even getting some impressive views (not to mention photos) of Mount Warning.

Add in catered lunches and knowledgeable tour guides who really know their stuff and it’s not hard at all to enjoy the outstanding experience that these tours have to offer visitors.

Check Out the Food Scene

There’s no denying that the area has a really high quality food scene, much to the enjoyment of both visitors and residents alike. O-Sushi offers great views of the beach with top notch authentic Japanese cuisine. Ask for the kushi-yaki: it’s a house special!

Farley’s is another sea food option that really brings creativity to all of its dishes, while visitors looking for something different have options as well. Earth n’ Sea Pizza & Pasta, for example, offers over 20 gourmet pizzas and gives you a chance to enjoy pizza and beer at the restaurant voted the best pizza on all the Gold Coast.

If you’re looking around for an early morning option, check out Markwell’s. This café and bar offers a wide array of options for breakfast, brunch, and lunch – and you will find out very quickly why this is a favourite for locals. Definitely a must visit stop!

Keep it Cool in Coolangatta

Hey, the camper van hire process might be a touch stressful but the vacation that follows is definitely worth it. Enjoy your time in Coolangatta for a slice of Australia that really does offer a little something for everyone and a series of unique experiences you will remember!

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