5 Tips For Creating The Perfect Web Design Portfolio

A professional web design portfolio is highly important to get maximum clients for a web designing company and most importantly for freelance web designers. A professional web design portfolio helps a client to understand the talent range of a designer and helps him to make a decision of either hiring the services or not. If you are still in the phase of creating your portfolio, take few tipoffs for that.

  1. As they say, Dress for the Job you want, not the one you have: Your web design portfolio should represent what you seeking for. For instance if you are looking for some freelance work on minimize designs than your portfolio should speak louder for it. Moreover, if you are interested in doing work for an ecommerce website design than better highlight previous experience in the field. As they say perception is reality, so make an effort to create an impression for that work even if you didn’t have pile of work to show in that specific category.
  2. Choose your best to show on the portfolio: It may feel like you should brag about all the designing work you have ever done, but a BIG NO to this approach. Your portfolio should speak about the best of your work. Therefore, choose the policy of less is more. It’s not like you should focus on one type of work only, instead add a decent mix of all the fortes that you have worked but again be very choosy in showing the things that you want to let go and what not.
  3. Create a sequence in your entries: Like we said earlier, choose your best and be diverse but don’t get random in your acts. It means that you should create a sequence in your work so that they can display a well knitted story in its end. For instance, if you are trying to create a web designing portfolio for a clothing line than you create your portfolio in a way that best fits the website of a clothing line and conveys the message to the target audience. But since you want to keep it brief but if you have some part of the project without which you feel your project will be incomplete than add the basic introduction and add a link for further details.
  4. Keep it updated: If your portfolio is not updated, it wouldn’t help you the way you expects. You need to edit and chop your work. Every now and then, perspective of our best work changes so we need to see which work still qualifies as our best brag and which has stumbled from its position. Similarly if your work priorities are changes than your portfolio should be updated accordingly.
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