5 Tips To Enhance Your Kids Reading Comprehension Skill

A regular practice of reading comprehension not only helps your child enhancing the reading skills but also keep them up and informed about the world around them. Solving different topics consisting a set of questions is also a mental exercise that keeps your child alert and focuses. Such practice is even helpful in the day-to-day task. Right from thinking from the author’s point of view to putting their viewpoint, it helps kids to understand things more closely and broaden their wisdom of knowledge and thinking ability.

If you want your child to succeed in his/her academics, so first it is important to keep their basics right and indulging them in a regular practice of reading comprehension can be one of the prominent decisions of yours. You might have been confused on how to start practicing reading comprehension or what are the right approaches for that, these below tips will help your child while practicing reading comprehension:

Phonic and decoding

While reading comprehension, it is possible that there will be so many words that are new and unknown to your child. The best way to make it click in your child’s mind is that making their phonics strong so that they can easily make out the right meaning of the word just by hearing them. It is also applicable for older students to decode the meaning of new words in a comprehension.

Improve pre-reading skill in your child

It is important that you inculcate reading habit in your child right from their initial years. You can provide him/her some story books, pictorial book, so he/she develop a reading habit. This will help them when they are actually solving a reading comprehension task. If your child is in 2nd grade, you can buy him/her a 2nd-grade reading comprehension books which are designed to [provide some set of comprehension tasks for 2nd grade only.

Improve vocabulary

When your child reads daily, instruct him/her to memorize one new word daily and bring it in daily use. This will not only improve their vocabulary, but whenever they sit to solve any reading comprehension, they will have more known words than unknown.

Reading out loud

Reading out loud, not only enhance fluency in reading but also helps them to improve their speech. When your child read out loud, his/her lips eventually get familiar with the phonics of the word, and he/she can easily pronounce the word. This is also helpful in reading comprehension. The main purpose of reading comprehension is knowing the meaning of the topic, and when your child reads fast and loud, his/her entire focus is on the topic.

To Sum It Up

So, if your child lacks reading comprehension and you want him/her to improve, above-tips can be effectual for the same.

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