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5 Unmistakably Great Designs For Kitchen Islands

5 Unmistakably Great Designs For Kitchen Islands

During kitchen remodels, most people think about aspects such as cabinet finishes and paint colours but the most important thing that you should think about is the functionality of the kitchen. Other than cooking, storing food and cleaning, how else would you like your kitchen to serve you? If you want to have a larger Irish kitchen that serves more than a dining area, then you should consider kitchen islands.

The islands are functional, decorative and can be the focal points of your kitchen. When redesigning or remodelling your kitchen, think of the islands as a space where you entertain and interact with guests. You can use the space to play board games, prepare for cooking, dine and entertain guests. In addition, it also provides extra storage space and added functionality.

5 Ideas of designing a kitchen island

1. Size: 

The first step is choosing the materials to use. Secondly, consider how you will use the island, how often you will use it and the importance of open floor kitchen spaces as you decide on the size. Would you like to have a big and dramatic kitchen island or a small and less obstructed island?

2. Levels: 

If you prefer the small sized kitchen island, you can increase the surface area by creating levels. The added levels increase the functionality of the island. You can use the levels for functions such as a book shelf, breakfast bar, or as a cutting board. The levels provide a customized appeal for your kitchen.

3. Add one sink or two: 

A sink is an additional working space which you can use to prepare food especially when you have guests. You can also use it to clean your dishes or to rinse off your food. Adding a sink in your kitchen increases its functionality and makes the kitchen more appealing.

4. Materials: 

There are many materials to choose from like stainless steel and wood. You can also use granite or quartz or your kitchen countertops. Using materials that complement the other parts of the kitchen makes the design of your kitchen very appealing. Wood gives the island a chic and rustic feeling while granite, quartz and the natural stones guarantee timeless elegance and durability for your kitchen surfaces. If you want a traditional kitchen look, consider using marble. Stainless steel is good for cooking areas.

5. Having more than one island: 

An island is a point of focus in your kitchen so having more than one creates more than one focal points. The islands can be separated or connected. Separated islands provide extra gathering areas, countertop space and more. Moving island provides you with the ability to change the location of the island as you wish since the island has wheels.

These tips are foundational but not compulsory when remodelling or redesigning your kitchen to include a kitchen island. You can tweak the ideas to come up with personalised kitchen spaces. Your kitchen goals, budget and lifestyle play a key role in determining the kitchen space. Make sure you have fun and do not compromise on anything whether it is the materials, workmanship or even the idea. You need a place where you will enjoy yourself and enjoy having in your kitchen.

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