Sunday 16 May 2021

5 Useful Tips To Boost Confidence Before A Presentation Or a Job Interview

Have an important presentation coming up but you’re too scared to face the crowd? Or you have a job interview but you are nervous and sweating bullets? Well do not worry; you are not the only one. According to a Sky Survey, about one third of the young people in the US lack confidence. So, how to deal with it? We have got some extremely helpful tips that will boost your esteem.

5 Useful Tips To Boost Confidence Before A Presentation Or a Job Interview

  1. Listen to Rock or Heavy Bass Songs

This may sound surprising but yes! Listening to your favourite rock or heavy metal band can take the confidence level from ten to 60 percent. Even research indicates that listening to music with high bass pumps up your confidence and makes you feel powerful. So next time you have an important meeting or an interview, turn on your favourite jam.

  1. Stand Up Straight

The right posture tells a lot about a person. If you have slouching shoulders it will automatically give an impression that you have confidence issues. Always stand tall and upright with your shoulders straight and chest out to look assertive.

  1. Hands Up Exercise

So you have an important presentation and you just can’t get your head straight, what do you do? Try this hack! Go to someplace private and raise your arms up in the air and lift your chin just like you have won something big. This is called power posing and definitely helps in giving a quick confidence boost.

  1. Talk To Yourself

Self-motivation is the key. Talking to yourself greatly helps when you’re nervous. Just tell yourself anything positive like you can do what you’re about to do or visualize everything that you will say or do. Practising in front of a mirror before going for a job interview or doing a presentation also helps in gaining energy.

  1. Fake Confidence

Have you heard this quote “Fake it ‘til you make it”? Well, it is absolutely correct! You can trick your brain by faking your attitude and feel confident naturally. Thinking of yourself as the best person in a room will make you feel dominant and hence trigger the energy hidden inside. Just remember to dress smart, maintain eye contact, use hand gestures and most importantly have faith and you are all set and ready to rock your interview or the presentation.


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