5 Ways Businesses Can Monetize Social Media!

If there is any medium that can get the word out to people in a heartbeat, it is social media for sure. Many offices have already seen the potential behind its concept and are using it to drive their sales. However, as time goes by, there are even newer strategies of marketing and advertising that are coming out.

If it were anything like in its developing stages, you would have had a better chance of driving traffic to your brand. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have all gone through a bit of change over the past. It won’t be easy trying to get your target audience to come over to your site. This applies especially if you’re new to the whole thing.

It’s no longer as simple as setting up an account and start shooting. You have to be smart and unique in your approach. Fortunately, we have just the tricks to help you get the traction you need. Just follow the given tips and you’ll be bringing in the green in no time.

  1. Know Your Target Audience

The main aim of social media is interaction. If you don’t find the time to interact with those who visit your site, you’re not going to go anywhere. Engaging with your target audience carves the path for you in promoting your brand content. Some of those comments may be in the form of questions so it’s your job to answer each and every one of them.

The more you bridge the gap between you and your customers, the more trust and loyalty you induce.

  1. Offer Some Deals

Put up a sale or a discount campaign on your social media page or channel. That’s one of the better ways to the attention of your audience. Putting up a time limit on the discount will produce even more clicks and conversions. Just try not to make it too promotional otherwise, people will think you’re desperate.

  1. 3. Build Up Brand Awareness

Social media is the way to get the word out in a flash from any part of the world. Give your users a channel to talk with you and tell them about your product. You have to sell yourself to your audience in a nice pitch. Let them pick the channel that they are most comfortable in using. That way you can monitor their activities and tailor your campaign in that manner.

  1. Hold Up Contests

You’ve seen the kind of publicity shows like The Voice and American Idol get? So why not try something like that for your Facebook and Twitter pages? We’re talking about holding up certain contests for the audience to get them more involved. Encourage your audience to share pictures or videos that can help promote your brand.

  1. Be A Master Of SEO

You need to come up with a way to help your blog or social media page to move up the search engine rankings. Make use of the given strategies for your cause:

Do Analytics

Analytics can give you some of the best customer feedback for your site. It will let you know where your customers are coming from, which social platform they use and how you can win them over.

Be Adept In Use of URLs

It may surprise you to know that each page of your website has to have a different URL. Well, that’s how it should be in order to have your audience properly navigate through your site. We recommend you use the brand name and a keyword that best matches the content of your page.

Produce Quality Links

You can make use of content from other sites in order to promote your own. Be sure that the quality and the content are relevant to that on your site. They also have to be of high quality so that your page rankings can move up.

Mentioned-above are 5 of the best ways you can monetize social media and earn decent income. If you know more ways, let us know the comments section below.

Author Bio

Kate Gunn is a social media marketer and blogger at Assignment Help Deal. She likes shares her knowledge and experiences on online marketing, blogging and online money-making techniques. You can interact with her on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

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